Friday, 26 June 2015

Am I looking Any Thinner Then ...... ?

"Am I looking any thinner then? "  Suky seems to be asking in this cute photo taken yesterday.

She's been going to doggy 'Tubby Club' for the last six weeks, although I keep slipping up and calling if Fat Club!!

  With three fortnightly visits under her belt she has now dropped down from 12.1kg to 11.3 kg, not a bad rate at all and the veterinary nurse who runs the class at the vets surgery is really pleased with her.  She's been photographed for her 'before' pictures and she gets measured each time we go, this week she has gone down a total of three centimetres, two from her chest and one from her neck.

The best thing is she is most definitely more sprightly, which is lovely to see.

She'll never be a skinny Pug but we're hoping she will get down to around 8 kg and will feel a whole lot healthier .

Her mum was not a dainty Pug and has the same large shoulders as Suky, but she was definitely a bit smaller and lighter than Suky is at the moment.  This photo is of Suky, me and her mum ... Lady Midnight Star (Suky's full name is Suky Midnight Star after her mum).  Her dad is called Ken, Kenmilleven Graphite, unfortunately I can't find the picture I had of him, but he was a lovely black Pug.

She will never be as tiny as she once was ...

... but I'd like to get her back to this, which was taken two years ago.

But for the moment we are tackling this slowly and surely, and hopefully over the course of the next six months should be able to get her weight down to where we want it to be and more importantly give her back a whole new zest for life.

Now to deal with me and my weight .... I think I need to get back to doing Weight-loss Monday !!

Sue xx


  1. Slimmer for sure. ( Lovely comfy beds )

  2. Such a sorrowful face - where's my food, mum?

  3. You'll get there sweety!
    Jane x

  4. Bingo, can I go with Suki, she is doing far better than I am. Joking aside, she looks better for the weight loss.

  5. best of luck to you both and Suki is so cute!

  6. Looking super Suki! That summer body is just around the corner now! :) She's gorgeous xx Katie


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