Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Sunsets, Diggers and No Noise

Last nights sunset was pretty special ....

... after a dismal wet and windy day, when I stayed mostly indoors, even taking this first picture through a closed window as the rain was aiming for me.

Arthur had made a board with a long slit to allow him to aim his diggers shovel full of  concrete into the narrow gap between the walls.  Ingenious, he's full of good little idea like that.  The guys pushed in any concrete that missed the hole with their spades and they slowly and surely made their way around the huge wall until it was all filled in.   The last concrete mixer that delivered had a long tube that could get the mix in place easily but they weren't available when we needed them and we had to use a different supplier this time.

Watching Arthur with his big boys toys is amazing, it's almost like they are part of him, he spins round, picks up and drops off anything he needs to almost as though he is using a third arm and hand.

The sunset last night seemed to herald the change in the weather that we have been promised, and this morning the sun is shining and the day is looking very promising.  I'm about to hop in the car and nip across to Manchester to spend the afternoon with Mum, Rosy is sat hopefully by my feet, she always seems to know when I am about to jet off and leave them, I'm sure she reads my mind.

Trust me to be going out on what is a lovely quiet day.   Arthur mixes his cement in an old wheelbarrow so there's no constant drone of a cement mixer today or the sound of big machinery moving earth rocks and blocks, he is busy working on the wall by the road, so when I get back I should be greeted with some more of his amazing stone work.  It's nice to go away and see a change when you get back, something Lovely Hubby gets on a weekly basis while I, unfortunately, know every bit of what is going on to achieve our finished result, and all the noise and mess that happens along the way.

As John would say ...'Hey Ho'.

Sue xx


  1. Its coming along great guns. The evening sky looked amazing. We desperately need rain in Essex the ground is like rock and the water butts are empty.

  2. Looks like you are making progress for sure. The contractor is pouring cement at our new house tomorrow for sidewalk and driveway, so we are excited to see that get done!


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