Monday, 23 February 2015

What a Weekend!!

What a weekend we've had.

The driveway was filled with big trucks offloading huge drainage rings for most of Saturday morning.  It was a slow job unloading them as due to the huge weight they had to stabilise the trucks very carefully on our slope before being able to use the crane to lift them into place on the edge of the grass.

You can see the scale of the concrete rings better in this picture with Lovely Hubby in the background working on the next set of polytunnel raised beds.

In the next couple of weeks these will no longer be seen, so it's important to have this photographic evidence of them, as they will be sunk into the ground where the truck is parked in the picture above. There they will form part of our new soakaway.  We have to have these, and the pipework that will be connected to them as we are excavating part of the hillside for our open fronted garages, workshop and water harvesting tank.  The soakaway will be there to prevent any water from draining down onto the road and causing potential problems.

Meanwhile inside the house on Saturday was a flurry of tidying and cleaning and on Sunday filling the worktops with food and drink for our annual neighbourhood get-together, this year it was at our house as we wanted to combine it with a bit of a late housewarming party, so that all the neighbours could see just what we had been up to here, and of course so they could admire Steve and his building teams handiwork in putting the new roof on our conservatory.

With twelve guests and us it made for a happy, chatty affair with entertainment provided by three of our guests with their instruments and singing.  We were treated to a lovely musical interlude in the newly re-roofed conservatory .... which incidentally has brilliant acoustics.

The picture above is actually what was left over after the guests had departed, what with my usual over catering and all the lovely food and drink that was brought by the guests we had lots to feast on.  There were still a lots of left overs in the fridge after Lovely Hubby took a selection of salads, cheeses and cake back with him to his digs, so the dogs had a very luxurious tea last night of chicken drumsticks and then they breakfasted this morning on bits of the leftover ham sandwiches with their usual dry dog food, even Ginger the cat was in on the action with a saucer of salmon for his breakfast.

As for the scones, well I think with a mug or two of coffee I should be able to tackle these little beauties that came with their own jar of Firs Cottage homemade jam .... thanks Mary.

Sue xx


  1. A really good community get together, sounds smashing.


  2. I will be following with interest over the coming months to see the progress of all the outside work. The scones look good....

  3. You have been busy and it's good to record your progress in photos!!! We had a weekend shifting mattresses around. We've been desperate for a new mattress for ages but due to finances needing to be saved for other major house repairs, it had to wait. However, we saved up for it and our lovely new mattress was delivered. It had a really terrible smell (not good with my chemical sensitivities) so I aired it in the spare room for a week before putting it on the bed. I've been so ill ever since with awful symptoms and have had to choice but to take it off our bed. In fairness, the company have offered to replace it (they say it's fire retardant and the factory hasn't aired it properly) and I've requested the ex display mattress from the shop floor which I lay upon and didn't notice any smell. Maybe I should just move into a tent!! Blooming sensitivities and allergies x

  4. Sue, looks like major construction challenges to me! That's quite a spread for the neighborhood get together, so I'm guessing you had a really great time. It's always fun to have food with friends.

  5. How lovely that you have a get together. All the food looks lovely.

    What a big job that looks, there's me stressing over bedroom decoration! :)

  6. Sounds fab. I always think that one of the best things about parties and get togethers is the leftovers

  7. Now if I hadn't been travelling back from DS and DDiL's wedding I could have popped along and helped you dispose of the leftovers :-)
    There are never any leftovers in our house, we're such greedy little piggies that we keep eating until everything's gone! I'm very fond of cold samosas, siu mai, and pizza for breakfast! I must have a cast iron stomach!

  8. Nothing like getting to know your neighbours. Really important I think with our lifestyle. That drainage looks expensive!

    1. It's slightly upsetting to pay out the amount we have and then bury what we've bought, never to be seen again .... but hey ho we have no choice!!

  9. I'm very jealous. I used to leave in a sociable neighbourhood and we had get togethers 3 times a year. Since moving to a small cul de sac we've found it very unsocial. Odd. You'd think a few houses ,6, would be a friendly community.


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