Friday, 13 February 2015

Meanwhile ......

Meanwhile .... whilst I've been pottering in the house showing you our book collection, outside the area around the house has undergone something of a transformation.

The front has resembled a car park for trucks of every description.

I managed with a bit of jiggery pokery to squeeze my little car out of a gap made slightly wider with Lovely Hubby's manful directions when I needed to go out.

More trucks arrived and unloaded ....

... with lots of 'WHOAS' 'STOP's and 'WATCH OUTS' from the workmen when this one narrowly missed hitting the house, before he came to a halt and tipped up his trailer to start off loading tarmacadam.

And now around the house looks like this.

Much better, it just needs a good rain to clear off the mud, and guess what we haven't had rain for weeks, it's been forecast for this weekend, so although I'm happy at the thought, Lovely Hubby is not so much so .... he's back to working on polytunnel construction.

This old tram bench will eventually be repainted and is our choice of seat for admiring the view with our cups of coffee at break times when we're outdoors working.  Neatly under the overhang in case of rain :-)

The back is where we intend to site one of the old Belfast sinks, to use as a mucky dog outdoors bathing area.

And the front now looks nice and neat.

Once the polytunnel is finished the tyres will move over there and be planted up ... you know how much I love growing in tyres :-)

Now the patio area is all done it's time to move on to the next stage.

And measurements and plans are already drawn up.  This guy is doing the final measurements for the splay at the end of the drive which will make pulling out so much safer for us and everyone that calls here.

All planning permissions have been granted and the Welsh Government which was involved because we exit straight out onto an A road, is finally happy with the plans and what will be the execution of them.

Once this has been done it will be onto the next stage .....will it ever end!!

I hope so  :-)

Sue xx


  1. Oh that does look so much better doesn't it. We used to have a good overhang in our last house. On warm, rainy days it was lovely to just sit, drink and watch the garden grow. Miss that. Although we have a lovely big awning out the back, we don't have it out in bad weather as it would eventually mould.

  2. I love an undercover seating area, not got one in this house, nothing nicer than sitting outside when it's raining, so fresh.

  3. What a difference! to me it looks so tidy and clean. we have gravel and it drives me insane.

    Love the tram seat. Did you buy that locally? I would love something like that to go with our dining room table...

  4. It looks fantastic Sue, well deserved after all your hard work and suffering.

  5. Be easy to keep that lot clean and clear and the drive is pretty essential by the sounds of it. I've just got scappings on mine and it'll stay like that until the extension is done.
    Now about these tyres...

  6. Oooh this looks so neat and tidy! Guess you'll have to do some baking to keep Hubby sweet this weekend -:)

    I wish I could afford a driveway, the housing association won't pay for one! At least my next door neighbour lets me park on his wide driveway since, the bus hit my last car and made it 'uneconomically repairable', which meant having to fork out more money for a 'new to me' car. xxx

  7. Your patio area is great for barbecue, too. And the view is fantastic. Is there a river opposite the road?

  8. That looks really good. You could have a washing line to hook up under the overhang? That would be ideal in Scotland with our weather. One of my neighbours has done that and gets her washing dry in all weathers.

  9. "Will it never end?" !!! Crikey you have achieved more in in the past year than we have in the past 34! We came here with no money to do anything but buy the place and have crept forward ever since (still no tarmac driveway). Your smallholding is so neat and moving on a pace and if you find a way to keep mud out of your smallholding I could do with your secret. I love the look of your polytunnels, will they have specific uses for each?

  10. Sue, renovation never seems to end. When we finish one thing, we go on to something else. Looks like they have done a great job around your house!

  11. It looks stunning. So neat nd tidy!!!
    Great job and you guys really have done a lot !

  12. Looking lovely. I can't wait to start planting things. X

  13. All looking great...just a splash of rain to clear the mud away .. do we ever have just a splash in Wales! .. ha ha .. if only!

    Vicky x

  14. I can see you are making good progress, and I like the seating you have under the overhang in case of rain.

  15. It's all looking lovely and I bet the view from that bench will be brilliant. Such a good idea to have the overhang. Have a lovely weekend x

  16. On opening your blog and going straight to into the pics my first reaction was 'what on earth is going on now?' Thanks for explaining, showing us and sharing your journey.


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