Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Tidying for the Last Time?

Photographing all our books last week brought something to my attention .....

... the messiness inside the cupboard ...

... and the mix of DVDs and books on the low bookshelves.

Even though the mess in the cupboard can be hidden behind the closed door and the DVDs were lined up relatively neatly, once I had noticed this it played on my mind.  Not just played it danced, whizzed and did a full routine on my mind, something just had to be done.

Once I decide something has to be done, it has to be done NOW!!

So after half a day of absolute chaos in the living room with the dogs taking to their beds in disgust at the upheaval, we now have  all the DVDs in the cupboard, near the tele and DVD player ... which makes much more sense ...

.... and all the books on the shelves, tidied, sorted and arranged much neater than before.

Everything was thoroughly wiped down too, so that is a little bit of Spring cleaning out of the way as well.  :-)

And now my mind is calm ... well for now, because I am about to start on the kitchen cupboards, the ones that hold my plates, bowls jugs etc.  Because while I was doing all the above tidying I did it to Marie Kondo's method,  after reading and being inspired by her book 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying- A simple effective way to banish clutter forever',  only keeping the things that gave me joy.

I love that all my books give me joy ... lets hope my bowls and plates do too ;-)

Sue xx


  1. OK, that's spooky. I had an unplanned blitz on the sitting room this morning, and one of the main things which got moved (apart from the sofa and big chair) was all the DVDs { {cue music from Twilight Zone .. ha ha}}

    I know exactly what you mean about things playing on your mind once you've noticed them; isn't it a lovely feeling when you've done something about it :}

  2. Sounds like an interesting book, I definitely need help when it comes to clutter!

  3. Hi Sue, I've read the book but yet to try the KonMari method. Today's the day for cleaning and rearranging the bookcase! Just having books on a bookcase seems obvious, so how do so many other bits and pieces end up there? Time for some order and joy. Great job Sue, your home always looks so welcoming.

  4. I've read it! Our drawers are a joy to behold and stuff is FLYING out of the house! :-)

  5. I like keeping things in practical places so it's a thumbs up from me.
    X x

  6. Nothing like a good tidy up to make you feel better! As an aside, I do love your arrangement of pictures and nik-naks on the wall :)

  7. I love a good tidy up and clean. I can then relax. I feel relieved when everything is where it should be.

  8. Can I hire you for a day? All you can eat?

    1. I eat a lot ..... can you afford me ;-)

  9. Sue you sound like me...just get it done! I see a project that needs doing, and I can't leave it until later. I guess it is time to start looking at some Spring cleaning, not that I have anything that needs attention. (ha)

  10. Mari Kondo is like a disease & it is travelling the world!

    Since reading MFIT I have cleared out so much & rolling my little heart out!!
    Feeling so much better.

  11. From Margie in Toronto - My copy of her book is due from Amazon on Friday - can't wait to start folding!

  12. Aaah, that's better! I can almost hear your sigh of satisfaction from down here!! Mine need doing too and that started from the chaotic photos I posted. I'm setting aside a day next week to sort through them all. Some must go and others will be dusted and returned to their rightful place! Your wall display looks lovely. The photos of your house send off such homely vibes! X


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