Monday, 16 February 2015

Five of my Seven a Day

For someone that purports to eat healthily sometimes it just all goes to pot and recently I decided that I had to do something about it.  

So after debating whether to get out the juicer and then remembering all that faff, mess and waste of good food .... the chickens got the pulp and I only had a watery juice, not filling, not satisfying and there was so much to wash up afterwards,  it used put me off getting out when we did used to use it more regularly, so that put me off getting it out this time.  I decided I had to look for an alternative, then I found out about the Nutribullet.  

So the juicier was taken out of the cupboard one last time and has been added to the car boot box so someone else can have a faff about go with it.

And now the Nutribullet sits neatly on the worktop being used on a regular basis.  We've had it since just after Christmas and it's been in use three or four times a week, sometimes for both of us but more often than not it's just me that starts my day with a tasty, fruity drink.

After use you simply rinse the top bladey bit under the tap and then add the cup to the normal pots waiting to be washed (there are always pots waiting to be washing in this house) ,easy peasy and no more faffing.

You see my downfall with my day to day diet (meaning the way I eat not a plan of any sort) is that I'm not keen on fruit .... most of it is too sweet for me, but by using this in around the percentages the booklet suggests which is 50% greens (I use either Kale or Spinach) and almost 50% fruit with a top up of 'some type of 'superfoods' (ie nutrient dense seeds or berries), here I added sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and dried Goji berries.  The bitter greens knock the sweetness on the head and I have a drink that is ..... well very drinkable AND it contains all the goodness of what I have put into the cup and the chickens get nothing.

 Sad chicken!!

A tasty glass of sludge  :-)

Well I like it!!

This is NOT a sponsored post, I bought this with my own money direct from the Nutribullet website ... and then found out  two weeks later that it was £30 pounds cheaper at Lakeland .... bum!!

Sue xx


  1. Oh I hate seeing something I've just bought cheaper elsewhere. But at least all of your readers know where to go, so telling us counts as your good deed of the day.


  2. Hi Sue,
    I too bought a Nutri bullet just before Christmas with sum money i had been given as Christmas presents and i have used it nearly every day since. I too particualrly like the green nutri blasts rather than the fruity ones, I have never eaten kale and spinach before but since i bought the NB i have used these ragularly and actually enjoy them in shakes. I also found that linseeds are particularly good in the shakes. I havent as yet tried goji berries.
    From someone who ever hardly ate fruit and veg i know i am now getting all the required nutrients into my body, so much so i have stopped taking my multi vitamin tablet. i much prefer to get the vitamns naturally rather than in tablet form. take care jane

  3. Sue, that would be me...finding it cheaper after I've already bought one. I haven't heard of this, but may look it up!

  4. I just made banana bread..I'm cheekily counting that towards my 10 a day! I'd rather eat veg than fruit any you,I find it too sweet, so whenever I make tossed salads I add a chopped apple,I don't notice the sweetness in amongst the other things. Erm....if you're done with the spinach and kale....
    Jane x

  5. I need to do this, still trying to get in enough veggies.
    Will look this up, thanks.
    I would, have to close my eyes though, I'm no fan of green ;) .

  6. I'm with Annie, it's the colour that puts me off, and I am a person with a sweet tooth, so it would be all fruit for me.

  7. Funnily enough I just got down my juicer from the top of the cupboard after years, it is a lot of faff. I have never heard of a nutribullet, I will look into it.

  8. I have tried all these things but I just do not like juice or sludge, I could maybe cope if it was hot, so I have soup with every veg that I can get into it and make fruit puree to eat hot.

  9. I bought a Nutribullet a few months ago and for me too it beats a juicer hands down. I don't mind the thicker drinks as I had been used to making smoothies with my stick blender. I gather that some people blitz their selection of veg and then cook it very lightly to end up with soup and I will be trying this soon. The grinder blade is great for grinding seeds to add to porridge, cereal etc. I love big seeds whole, but cannot cope with the tiny flax whole at all.

  10. I would always rather eat veg than drink it, and I freeze fruit to make into smoothies.
    I used to have a juicer, but the faffing about with it was just too much to make it worth the effort.
    Just once I made a juice drink which contained quite a lot of raw was HIDEOUS! I took one sip and shuddered from top to toe, it was a horrible experience!

  11. I'm the same with fruit. I'd eat vegetables all day every day, but fruit is too acidic or sweet and it doesn't seem to agree with me. HOWEVER, I certainly think I could get to grips with a smoothie like yours. Do you use frozen spinach? You could freeze bags of spinach, banana and blueberries or some such ready chopped to chuck in with the seeds. I too have an unused juicer in the cupboard - way too much faff. The liquidiser copes with basic smoothies and gets well used in our house with my older girls in particular.

  12. I've been reading good things about the nutribullet, I might get one. I've never had a juicer, I have a stick blender, or for larger quantities a food processor. I like the idea of something tough enough to cope with nuts and seeds.

  13. I've had a Bullet for about ten years (before they got the 'nutri' added) and it's fabulous. It gets way more use than my full size food processor with only two of us at home. I saw an ad on one of those 'daily deal' websites and bought a second one very cheaply, thinking mine had had such a hard life it was likely to die pretty soon only to find that it was definitely a poor quality job, and makes way more noise than my old one. So perhaps you did better buying the expensive version.

  14. Sue if you go on the magic freebies site there is link where you can download a recipe book from amazon for free if you have a kindle.

  15. I saw this Nutri Ninja which looks like a Nutribullet only a more powerful motor, a little bit larger but - well it was in my local QVC outlet shop at £29.99. I do have a larger powerful blender but thought this would do for the little jobs that the large machine can't handle successfully. It's great. I had been thinking of the Nutribullet but at the price I paid I couldn't grumble. I'm getting rid of my stick blender as I hardly use it. I need to get to grips with some of the ingredients I need to use rather than just the usual fruit.

  16. I am wondering if this is available in the US, will have to see...


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