Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Cosy Puss

After Jason's visit last week I had left the bed in the spare bedroom unmade to air while the bedding was put through the wash.  I had thought the door was closed but when I went to put the freshly washed covers back on the bed look what I found.

Although I don't usually allow the animals on the beds unless they are covered with an additional quilt .... I really couldn't tell off such a sweet looking face now could I, I left him there and he slept the day away in blissful cosyness  :-)

In other news .... look what arrived in the post yesterday.  

A whole £53 worth of M&S vouchers, if I had still been on target with my mini Challenge, (which ended without any fanfare last week when we went shopping at the weekend, totally forgetting about any challenges in our upset over Charley), these would have kept me going for weeks.

How did I mange to get so many .... well our builder let us pay for all the building supplies ourselves as we are VAT registered and he is not, so we paid on our M&S card, which bumped up our total spend for the month on it by rather a lot.  Of course the money was sat in the bank waiting to be used for the conservatory job, so we used some of that to pay off the card when the bill landed in my inbox and the builder was paid for his labour separately.

With those vouchers came these, but I doubt they will be used.

But I will use these.  

By timing when I use the other vouchers to stock up on things we love from M&S, I can get additional points ready for the next lot of vouchers.

It all helps.

Sue xx


  1. Cats do find the cosiest places don't they, ours is just the same and we can never reprimand him, he is far too cute. Ooh so long since I have bought anything other than gifts for people from M & S. In less fiscally challenged days I used to pop in on my lunch hours to buy lovely food pretty often ( not possible now unfortunately). Hope you enjoy spending them Sue! :-)

    1. Back in my days of managing shops, I used to work directly opposite a M&S and if I went in the front door of the shop, bought my choice of food for tea and then left via the side exit I was on my way home, a mere ten minute walk. I shopped for what I fancied eating that night and a few treats ... not the much more considered and planned shopping I do now.

    2. Your vouchers reminded me I had some Sainsbury's nectar points so just converted them and spent on cat supplies. Not glamorous granted but having litter and food delivered is a treat as we cannot afford a car these days so it has saved heavy lugging on public transport and as I have ordered numerous bags it has saved having to make half a dozen journeys ( there is only so much cat litter you can carry and we have a fair walk from the nearest public transport). Thanks for the reminder with vouchers I spent less than a tenner including delivery and it will last our furry boy a while!

  2. never got into the M & S food hall when we were over. Did buy a couple of things in M & S store though. One thing we do, do is send their flowers as gifts to people in Britain when needed, very happy with the service and quality.

  3. I do exactly the same as you Sue with my M & S card - use it to buy big things and then use the vouchers for clothes and some treats :)

  4. Me too, have to be much more careful nowadays. I knew my way around the food department in the big M & S in Manchester city centre like the back of my hand. To be honest working such long hours convenience played a big part too! Still only buy tights and knickers in M & S though. Have tried cheaper but they just don't work for me. Must admit I am somewhat disgusted with the mindless buying I used to partake in and when I do go to places like M & S these days I find the 'feeding frenzy' ' a bit overwhelming. I am glad I stepped off the hamster wheel and changed careers despite being hard up comparitively speaking. When treats like your vouchers come my way I appreciate the treat much more these days. Enjoy!

  5. You COULD have moved the duvet and kitty to in front of the fire!
    Jane x

  6. Oh, I am so jealous. The M&S in Llandudno is one of my favorite places. Let's see, I would spend it on lime marmalade, a Bakewell tart, sultana scones, their store brand tea, and buttermints. All things I cannot get here. Since I am not there, I don't have be concerned with costs or calories. I can dream, can't I?

  7. That adorable cat of yours! Being so cute he deserved to stay there for a good sleep.
    I am not familiair with M&S vouchers but I am sure they will help you controlling the costs.

  8. It's a daily race in my house between me and the cats as to who will get to the beds first - me to make them, them to lie in the messed up duvet, so I can't make them!! They are spoiled! Enjoy those vouchers - that's a lovely treat.


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