Saturday 29 November 2014

Meat for Christmas, Money for Christmas

Did you shop yesterday, I didn't!!

The thought of shopping was so far from my mind yesterday, and watching the pictures on the news at teatime last night, it was enough to make me decide that I will NEVER shop on Black Friday.  I understand that some people need a bargain so much that trying to get that television for £250 instead of £400 must seem like a 'must do' type thing, but it's not for me.  The scuffles, fights, injuries and arguments are just not worth it in my opinion.  Anyway it seems like there was no rush for the majority of bargains, a lot of the shops in Llandudno, which we ventured into to get the car checked over for Winter today, were having 'Black Friday Weekends' ..... which made us laugh!!

I did my bargain shopping earlier in the week.  Thanks to Lovely Hubby filling the truck with fuel at Sainsburys last weekend he had a voucher for £3 off a £30 shop and one for double points.  So I decided to shop there this week, and for once struck lucky.  The reduced price section had just bee restocked and I was the only person there.

What I bought -

4 packs of Mackerel Fillets
2 Packs of Steak and Tomato Burgers
2 Packs of Salmon en Croute
1 Smoked Ham Joint
2 Welsh Frying Steaks
2 Pork Loins
1 Beef Roasting Joint
1 Pack of  Organic Pork Sausages

That little lot came to £34.45 and with a few other things that we needed I paid up and was given another voucher at the till for next time,  this time it was £10 off a £70 shop .  My first thought was that I wouldn't use it but I put it into my purse and headed for home.  On the way home I realised that I still had over £30 available in Nectar points so I've made my mind up to shop there again before the date is up on the voucher, get everything we need for Christmas and use the voucher and my Nectar points to pay for it.

All the meat, except the steaks which Lovely Hubby had for his tea last night, has been stashed into the freezer and will be used over the Christmas period.  In fact between that and the chicken and salmon fillets we already had in the freezer I don't think I will have to buy any more meat products until well into the New Year.... unless of course I see a real bargain.

We also have our Sealed Pot to open this weekend, which we decided this year to use for Christmas, so that's us sorted money-wise for the festive season ..... I wonder how much is in it?  I might just take it to the change sorting machine in Sainsburys when I go and tip it in, it's all in small change this year so I'm not expecting anything like the £371.27 that inspired my '365 Days - £365' Challenge of this year.

I'll be back tomorrow we some more conservatory roof pictures, we have some tiles on the roof now, not many ... but some, we're getting there at last  :-)

Sue xx


  1. I thought those change machines always charged you for counting your money- Theft I reckon!

    1. They do, anything up to 7-8% of the total. :o(

    2. I guess you takes the choice.

      Get smelly hands counting out lots of really small change, double check it all and then bag it up and then face the wrath of the lady in the bank, Santander HATE changing lots of small change, or pay up for the machine to do it for you.

      I will wait and see what the change looks like when I open the tin tomorrow!!

  2. What a lot of bargains, brilliant.

  3. Great bargains with your food , If you bank with nat west they have a change machine that is free it is very good ,i use it about 4 times year

    1. We don't, Lovely Hubby has a hate/hate relationship with Nat West after they caused an almighty f**k up with his business banking and ruined everything for us. We would never bank there or even set foot in one again.

  4. In the states we have coin counting machines that waive the fee if you take the money in gift card form. Our changes funds our music habit on iTunes so that works well - but they have lots of choices (grocery stores, amazon, etc). No counting needed by us and no fee paid to get our money!

  5. Cor, what a lovely load of fab bargains!

  6. Our Natwest has a coin paying in machine perhaps look into that?

  7. It's so gratifying to see you are buying British meat, the best in the world for lots of reasons. and a good price just now too!

  8. I was going to go shopping yesterday, but didn't have time. Reckoned I had enough pet food to see us over until Monday or Tuesday. Didn't spend a dime yesterday. Made up for it today though, chips, and shock horror, chocolate.

  9. No black friday shopping here, we stayed far away from the shops. Nice to be on track for Christmas, looks as if you have made some good bargains. We belong to a small village here and the little bank has a free counting machine. A man came in last week with several bags of small change. Ten years of savings, think they were a little shocked ;-). Pam

  10. You got some great bargains there. I managed to get a free range stuffed chicken for $5 along with marked down kale coleslaw and a bottle of Asian dressing for 90c so we had a cheap dinner Friday night. We do not have black Friday here but I do like reading about people's bargains they found.


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