Tuesday 18 November 2014

Dogs in Clothes

Lovely Hubby and Charley have obviously formed a mutual appreciation society all cuddled up and posing for the camera.

We got out the 'doggie dressing up box' on Sunday to see if we had a suitable T shirt for Charley who is booked into the vets for next week to be spayed.  T shirts are so much more comfortable for dogs than having to wear the plastic cone around their necks in my opinion, and as long as she doesn't chew at her stitches she won't be made to wear a one, her little T shirt will do.  It used to be Rosy's so it's a real 'big sisters hand me down' which I love.

Getting in the doggy dressing up mood we thought we would get them to model what the box turned out to contain.

Suky is modelling  her 'spaying' t shirt, it says 'Size Doesn't Matter' which I thought highly appropriate.  It still fits her now because she was spayed at just over a year old when she was fully grown, which the vets we went to at the time seemed to prefer.  I prefer it done before they have their first season, but we went along with what they said.

Mavis in her 'keep me cosy I've hardly any fur' doggy coat, which we bought when we rescued her the first time.  She shivered so uncontrollably with cold whenever we took her on the prom in Llandudno that we went mad and bought her her very own waterproof and cosy jacket.  She got lots of admiring glances on our strolls until she outgrew it.  Now unfortunately it fits her again as she lots lots of condition having her pups and being so mistreated.

Rosy has her 'Cosy Rosy' ..... which is really her Thunder Jacket but she knows what we mean when we say "do you want your cosy rosy".  We get it out during storms or on Bonfire Night, and she waits patiently while we put it on for her before curling up to sleep away the 'danger'..  These felted, Velcro'd jackets are specially designed to help dogs that are nervous during thunder storms, loud bangs etc it makes them feel cuddled and safe while they are wearing it .... and it really works!!

All the dogs except Mavis were then undressed before going out, they don't really like wearing clothes, but Mavis seemed nice and cosy and as we were just about to head for West Shore in Llandudno for a long walk, we thought she would appreciate being warm.

These two really are a pair of cuddly buddies.

*** *** ***

Thank you for all the comments on yesterdays post.  

For now the lamp remains but some of the comments were really thought provoking.  One from Virginia saying 'I admire your decluttering, but there's also beauty and emotional connection to consider, and a table light tick those boxes ... don't they?'  really got me thinking.  NO .... I do not have emotional attachment to anything I own enough to hold onto things, literally everything could be lost in a house fire (except obviously us and the animals)  and after a moments pang of upset I would quite happily start replacing things .... if we felt we needed them again.

Sure there are things like photographs in boxes, cards we have sent each other on special occasions and even the teddy nearest the lamp, who is called Valerie which I have had since my first birthday and who was Simon my son's constant companion for five years, that are irreplaceable in the physical world, but even if they were lost to fire or flood their memory is in my head and always will be.  So I don't feel the need to keep anything if it starts to feel like it is owning me.

I can almost feel that lamp slipping off the chest of drawers ......

Sue xx


  1. Very stylish doggies x

  2. 'Daddies Girl' came to mind when I saw that first photo, they are both cute LOL!
    With you on the lamp thing.

  3. Like you have no emotional ties with furniture or accessories I own. We have boxes of photographs that I would be sad if they went up in smoke but my family would take priority over anything else. We are not people that change there furniture every five minutes, we buy to last and look after everything. When we de-clutter we put everything up for sale on the auction web sites if it has any value as such. We also donate to the local hospice shop so someone else gets the benefit of your castoffs. Being frugal I also look to see if there is an alternative use for something, or can it be up-cycled and used again.

  4. Forgot to say doggies are cute! Cant wait till we can have another. Perhaps when we are retired.

  5. Aaaaaaaaah.
    I remember before thunder shirts were available I learned to wrap dogs in bandages ,it worked well, but the dogs looked mummified.
    Jane x

  6. i do agree with you but I have the emotional thing going on too.
    Personally I feel that during the earlier part of my life, it was all about gathering and nesting.
    Growing up, money was tight and possessions were precious, I remember longing for Christmas so that I got some new clothes to wear. Make do and mend was the order of the day.
    As time went on I over compensated and gathered too much stuff.
    Now like you I feel I do not need but a quarter of it and am downsizing, (with some difficulty).
    Each day I give up something, either sell locally or on eBay, or pop in the charity box.
    Here in Dallas we have large metal collection boxes in parking lots, everywhere you go. So its easy to deposit a bag or two.
    Best wishes to all.
    Pam in TX.xx

  7. They all look little sweeties in their jackets, Mike wont let me buy one for my dog. For all my love of tat & the attachments I hold on some of them, I would abandon them in a heartbeat to get the kids, Mike & hound out of the house if a disaster struck.

  8. I have zero attachment to objects, although I certainly like some things if I had to replace them if they were lost/stolen/fire/disaster it wouldn't be that big of deal. I know not everyone feels the same way. I moved many times as a child with a single Mom just trying to survive. All that means much to me fits in a single drawer, a few old things from childhood.

  9. Dogs look cute in their coats, I think that I might try and get one for miss border collie, she is restless when fireworks about and for first time ever, this year she went and lay behind settee

    I don't know if you "do" Facebook, a dear friend of mine "liked" this entry on "internet dogs" group today, it amused me greatly.


  10. Thanks about the thunder jacket, I did consider one for Susie but went for one of the special collars which does help but only lasts a month. She won't wear a coat to go out in and refuses to move when I try. Did Rosy accept it straight away? x

  11. Sue, you are the one who has to live with it there....and if you don't like it, chuck it out! The dogs look so cute, and I need to pick some up for my dogs. Then it will warm back up in Texas and they won't need them!

  12. Charlie and hubby look so in love lol, she's gorgeous as are all your little ones. I am also trying to 'streamline' I have so much to let go of, some of my cross stitch fabric has already been sold on ebay but there is still plenty more to sort out. I don't put my clothes on ebay because the charity shop can benefit from selling them. I still have a long way to go doing it a bit at a time.

    Peg x

  13. Well, not that my opinion on your home decor matters in the grand scheme of things but I've actually spent a little time thinking about why I preferred the arrangement with the lamp. I think it's because the lamp visually provides a link between the smaller items on the dresser and the items hanging on the wall. It also seems to balance the wall items on the right side as they seem grouped slightly left of center. Either way, I admire your did cluttering and think you keep a lovely and calming home environment. And Suky is just my favorite(but don't tell the others).

  14. Lovely post - it's been far too long since I sat and read your blog (sorry) ... I can't thing our 2 would take kindly to clothes, especially Saari being an "oh so tough thick furred Husky cross Alsation"!

  15. Awww ,bless . . . . Having spent 14 years with a Beardie whose idea of bliss was to lie in the garden when it was snowing I had no experience of 'dogs in clothes'. Daisy is a completely different kettle of canine, as you know very thin coat and "ex-starved, soaked and freezing", she positively relishes the moment when her coat is put on. So much so, that there are times when, unless a coat goes on, the little Madam won't set foot outdoors. But that's fair enough - WE put a coat on to go outside, so why shouldn't she :}

    How is Mavis doing? Is it taking a long time to build her back up again?


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