Monday 17 November 2014

And the winner is .......

And the winner is .... still helping me to declutter!!  As you will see further down this post ;-)

I decided to do the draw the old-fashioned way, with strips of paper and a hat.  Every time I use the automatic number generator thingys I can't get them to publish on my post and it looks like I've made it all up!!

So after much writing down the names of those of you who entered, checking and double checking I snipped away and folded the slips ..... then I went in search of a 'hat'.  

I couldn't find one upstairs and being in a lazy Monday morning mood decided to make use of whatever I laid my eyes on first in the bedroom.

Now as we don't have a po/potty/gazunder/chamber pot under the bed (aren't you really glad about that one!!) I decided to use one of the wooden bowls on the chest of drawers.  

Looking at the top of the chest of drawers through my new 'declutterers' eyes I thought 'what a mess'.

So I whittled it down a bit and gave it all a good polish in the process.  

But I can't make my mind up about the lamp.  We've had it there since we moved in last Christmas, but it has not been switched on even once.  So the vote is going to you.  Does it look better with the lamp ...

... or without it?

Anyway .... back to business, the little slips were put in the smaller bowl and held up by my left hand to a height where I couldn't see the slips and then my right hand (which is much more unbiased than my left one) was asked to do the draw.  

The winner is .... insert fanfare, or drum roll ... or just scroll down, depending on your Monday morning mood ...

(I chose the fanfare option.)


Who by clicking on her name I found out has her Blog over HERE

So Vivien if you could drop me an email with your full postal address I will set the book of on it's journey to you.  And as Vivien is as big a declutterer as me it might be worth keeping an eye on her Blog because no doubt the book will be travelling on again pretty soon.

Many thanks to all those of you who took the time to leave comments to be entered into the draw and indeed to all those of you who leave comments on any blog post I write.  Your feedback sometimes keeps me on the straight and narrow and always makes this blogging world a delight to be a part of.

So four more items from the top of the chest of drawers to go into my charity shop bag, which means four less items in the house.  I'm making it my mission to take a bag of things into town whenever I go in from now until Christmas.

Happy Monday folks ..... and here's to lots more decluttering.

Sue xx


  1. Well done on your decluttering. I am the opposite I think as I - just my take on life - love being surrounded by the things I have collected and love, and which hold such meaning for me. I guess it's just my romantic side having free-rein. That's not to say I don't go through my belongings and have a good clear out now and again and I have got rid of plenty of things as we are still hoping to downsize (if our lovely big old Carmarthenshire farmhouse EVER sells, but the market is still in the doldrums here). My collections tend to be old ceramics, and various categories of books too.

  2. You are doing such a good job of spotting all the unnecessary things. But I like the lamp on the table. It gives that area a bit of height with the pictures on the left. Fun post...thanks for sharing! And congrats to Vivien.

  3. Well if you haven't used it you might as well get rid of it ............. says me a terrible hoarder!

  4. Haha .... you two are no help!! One for the lamp and one against ..... Lol.

    I do think it's the height of it that's balances things out, but it also makes six items (in total) on the drawers, which is an even number and therefore unsettling on the eye in design terms ..... and I guess the big decider is that it has never even been switched on since it's been here!!

    So I'm still in a quandary :-(

  5. Definitely with the lamp….the height of it makes the arrangement on the table look more balanced. ( doesn't really matter that it is never switched on!)

  6. I'd leave the lamp where it is,,, just because it looks good there.

  7. I like it with the lamp but if you never turn it on, then move it to somewhere you might use it. And if you still don't use it ........

    Congrats to Vivien.

  8. Id keep the lamp it looks right there. with out it, it makes the hanging look wonky and lopsided.

  9. Well done on all your decluttering. Thinking about sorting through all my MIL's things when we go down for the funeral this week has made me consider all the unecessary possessions I have in the house and how I'd hate for my kids to have to spend hours wading through it all when I pop off. Also, we'll probably be moving to a smaller place in a couple of years time as the last of the kids moves out and I wouldn't like to have to pack all this lot up when we do. I think, once Christmas is over, I'll have a real 'spring' clean and get rid of a lot of it; either via Ebay or to the nearest charity shop.

  10. Hi Sue - I have just got in from work and with much needed cup of tea in hand I am having a quick read around my favourite blogs only to discover I won the book .... I am so excited I had to read your announcement twice to make sure it was really me! I will email you with my address and can't wait to get it. It is a while since I have been in blogland because of the recent flood claim taking up all our spare time so it was sheer luck that I was doing a bit of reading to catch up with everyone this weekend. And how spooky because as I said in my comment last week I kept coming across the Minimalists being mentioned on different sites. I will certainly read and pass on the book so someone else gets a chance.

  11. PS If I was in decluttering mood I would say if you don't use it lose it - but a lamp does give a decorative quality to a room. Keep us posted on your decision! I doubt we are any good at advising you as some of us for and some against and as for me - well I'm just plain indecisive!!

  12. I like the setting with the lamp in place, what's this declutterng word you talk of often :)

  13. Great book - enjoy. Not ready to part with my copy yet - not a good example, I know!

  14. Well done Vivien. Really hope you enjoy the book.
    Also thanks to Sue for the chance.
    It's a good excuse not winning to avoid the clear out for a while longer!

    Best wishes,

    Angela (Devon)

  15. Well done to the winner. I do the names in a hat thing as well. Never even tried the electronic version. Better with the lamp.

  16. I definitely vote for keeping the lamp - its height balances the collection and if you were needing a calm quiet evening it would cast just the right amount of light. I admire your de cluttering, but there's also beauty and emotional connection to consider, and a table light tick those boxes ... don't they?

  17. If the lamp is not needed I would move it to somewhere useful or get rid of it - but the table looks more balanced with something tall. Do you have a tall vase or a candlestick you could move to balance the table?

    There are 2 charity shops in Llanrwst - Barnados on the Square and St. David's Hospice on Watling St. My Mum (Rose) volunteers at the Hospice shop.


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