Tuesday 25 November 2014

The Shape of Things To Come

By first light this morning as I walked back towards the house from Chicken World it was possible to see the shape of things to come.  The conservatory roof dark to match the house, an overhang to keep the rain away from the windows and steps .... 

... I could almost imagine it finished.

Then the sun came up properly and it was back to being a building site, with materials lying ready to be used and debris dotted all around, and the tarpaulin that's covering the gaping hole where the poly carbonate roof used to be, moving gently in the early morning breeze.

But it was nice to briefly be able to imagine the finished result.

*** *** ***

Charley went to the vets today, it's time for her to be spayed, I took her in first thing this morning, half an hour after taking the final picture above.  It's good to take them in early, that way they can't grumble too much about not having anything to eat for twelve hours, although she did manage a small breakfast of rabbit droppings as we went round the paddock early on.  She shook from head to tail when we were sat in the waiting room all on our own,  poor little thing I felt like such a bad doggy mummy.  

So I took Suky for a walk in Rhos on Sea to walk away the guilt and wander on the sand.  I cannot imagine what must be going through her little doggy head.  First Rosy and Mavis are left at the kennels, then we come away from the vets without Charley, does she think that she is next .... whatever is going through her little mind she's been sticking like glue to me all day.

You can't beat a walk by the sea early in the morning to banish everything that's wrong in the world for an hour or so.

Now I am waiting for that phone call that says "everything went well, she's fine .... come and pick up your dog, she's ready to go home".  It really does seem like the  l o n g e s t  wait.

Sue xx


  1. It does look almost finished in the top photo. It wont be long until it is finished & all your dogs together under one roof.

  2. Hope Charley is not feeling too sorry for herself tonight.
    Just wanted to post to introduce myself - I have read all your blog over the last few months and have finally caught up. It was better than a good book!!
    My poor blog has been left out in the wilderness since June - I really should update it but life and work gets in the way.

  3. Hope Charley is home by now. Waiting for "that phone call" is horrendous, I've done it several times and it never gets any easier.

    (BTW, that new 'roof' looks good in your first photo, fingers crossed for a good week for you)

  4. House will look terrific when finished.
    Poor Charley, she will remember that waiting room for ever.
    Bad doggy mummy! Love it!,

  5. Bless her...give her a cuddle from me.
    Jane x

  6. Suky is missing her little friends. Look at her face.
    I am sure it is to do with the smell at the vets. have often wondered why they dont use those calming plug ins you can get for fire works etc...

    Give Charley a squish. she is so cute. and it isnt a bad doggy mummy it is doing it so nothing will happen like what those bad people did to Rosy. That is Excellent Doggy Mummy.

  7. Hi Sue, hope Charley is doing ok.
    Lynda x

  8. Aww bless ya, I've gone through having builders a few times and it's not always fun. I sat up one night because we had the back door moved from the side of the house to the back and a heavy piece of wood was covering the hole and my washing machine pushed up against it. I had visions of burglars pushing their way through, needless to say I spent a sleepless night for nothing lol.
    We always seem to have work done when it's cold, except the conservatory that was done at the beginning of the summer so we weren't freezing our butts off. It will be worth it in the end it's just whilst it's happening.
    I hope Charlie isn't to sore and soon gets over her op, bless her, it's not nice leaving them but a necessary op.

    Peg x

  9. wow, that's going to be fabulous!
    poor little Dear!

  10. I'm confused. Is your current conservatory going to attach to this new roof? Hope Charlie Does okay, it is such a shame we can't somehow communicate with them to let them know it won't be painful forever.

    1. We are simply putting a Welsh slate roof onto the conservatory. As the window frames which make up two of the walls are not able to take the weight of a 'proper roof' we had to have steel uprights and a crossbar manufactured (the joys of being married to an engineer) to support the new roof. So yes the roof does sit directly on top of the conservatory, but the weight is supported externally.

    2. Ah, now it makes sense, thank you.

  11. Hope Charley is feeling OK this morning. Even when you know that all will be well it is still hard waiting for that call to confirm!

  12. Hope all sorted soon, charley back home and recovering and yes hot water bottles are for anytime 😊

  13. I'm glad she's ok, it feels like and eternity waiting for the all clear doesn't it. I'm glad I read the posts backwards now lol x

  14. ahhh I had to take my little Cavalier in for spaying... that wait is so painful, hoping all is going well and getting The Phone Call !


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