Sunday 30 November 2014

Conservatory Update - Pictures

As daylight slowly trickled in on Friday morning this is how the new conservatory roof looked.  Two sides had been covered in membrane and battened down.

It's appearing more balanced now, and although low and wide I'm getting used to the new look of this side of the house.  Because of the spare bedroom window we have had to have the roof at this angle.  Our house isn't as tall as it sometimes appears in pictures, inside we have quite low ceilings as would have been the norm for a farm workers cottage in the 1900's when it was built.

The slates we have chosen for this roof are a deep grey, which matches the  kitchen/bathroom extension at the back of the house and the slates on the small open porch at the front, but are slightly different from the slates on the roof of the house itself.  We thought that as you see the lower slates more than the roof from ground level this made much more sense.

By the end of Friday the battening had been done on all three sides and the first few slates were in place.

This is how it looks underneath the roof.  

I was trying to explain to Mum but sometimes it's easier to see it for yourself.

The roof is totally supported by the steel columns, which next week, hopefully, will be clad in dark grey brick.  The conservatory sits comfortably below it's new solid roof, with an overhang large enough to cover the steps that will lead to the doors, the sink we are fitting round the back for washing muddy little dogs in and a bench at the side of the conservatory in the picture above, so after a hard days work we can sit with a coffee, or wine and gaze at the wonderful view you see everyday on the top of the Blog.

Another week ahead of mess and mayhem, but now at last we are starting to see it all coming together.  In a minute I have to go downstairs and help Lovely Hubby mark our where the new lights will be hung inside the finished room ready for the electrician to start putting in the wires for them.  We have decided on two lights hung lowish over the dining table and two wall lights on the solid wall on the left-hand side.

As well as all this going on we have the boiler man back tomorrow to re-attach the oil fired boiler .... yay hot water at last :-)

Sue xx


  1. Oh it looks really good. I like the colour of the slates. we have clay and it doesnt look so nice.

    1. We seem to have a thing about slate at the moment, slate table mats and coasters too :-)

      Clay tiles can look really nice, I love seeing creamy coloured farmhouses with clay tiled roofs.

  2. Looks just lovely.

    God bless.

  3. Hello! I live over in the US in Texas and been reading your blog for a week or so. I am enjoying it so much. One day my dream is to visit your beautiful your view!

  4. Wow! Life is amazing for you guys.

    How did you get on with opening the pot?

    Sft x

  5. Well, it looks like it's all coming together slowly but surely. And it's all looking lovely.

    Jean x

  6. Still hugely envious of your lovely over-hanging roof :-} Hope it's not too cold and that everything goes OK this week to reconnect you to heat and hot water.

  7. So happy for you that you are getting the heat back in, and that progress is being made. I'm sure you will be happy when it is finished.

  8. Well, you were worried it was too big / wrong shape......but its looking great ! Bet you are pleased now you have a better view of the build.

  9. Slate is such a major part of North Wales I'm not surprised you are using it so much. I've started bringing back bits of slate to the south of France to have and to hold!

  10. Phew I found it again. I think I have commented about your conservatory on one of your jam making pages. Im a bit crap on the interweb!
    As this is a bit random a bit about me. I live in Huntly in Scotland with my wife and 3 boys. Ive been doing up an old house built 1928 and struggle to get decent trades up here so I do most myself. Im big time into the whole lime mortar traditional skills thing. The only problem doing it yourself and being fussy is the time it takes!
    We have a conservatory which is built on a dwarf brick wall with aluminium framed windows and structure which seem good quality but the roof is crap. I want to do exactly what you have done and insulate and slate it.
    Would you share how you specced the roof? Im interested in the steel frame mostly.


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