Wednesday 4 September 2013

Simple September - Sandwich Fillings

Sandwiches are actually one of my favourite meals, the things you can put between two slices of bread or on a bun are so varied and so wonderful, even more so if you design the fillings yourself and don't simply slap on a slice of ham, although saying that a slice of ham between two slices of bread would make Lovely Hubby very happy :-)
The sandwich filling I made yesterday was cheese based, simply a handful of grated cheese straight from the freezer and then I raided the fridge for additions.  I found a piece of cucumber, half a small onion, a thick slice of red pepper, I usually add some finely sliced celery, but it appears that LH had used it all in the latest batch of juice, so I went outside and picked a couple of our lovely sweet orange tomatoes.
Once you have chopped your bits and pieces to the size you fancy, this time I went quite chunky, add a good dollop of mayonnaise (or you could use salad cream or even a mix of mayo and tomato ketchup) and there you have it a dishful of beautifully fresh tasting sandwich filler, and by the time you have done this basic chopping and mixing your frozen grated cheese will be beautifully thawed and ready to eat.
I added a couple of slices of ham from the fridge to keep my carnivore of a man happy and some torn lettuce leaves.

Totally yummy ..... and before you say it yes two buns was extremely greedy, we were both very full !!  I think next time one bun each and half a bag of crisps would be a much better option :-)
I wondered about the price of sandwich fillers as I haven't bought a tub for years so I went online to have a peek and found the most similar one to mine would have been a Cheese and Onion.
The one above is £2 for 400g which works out as 50p per 100g

The value range from the same shop shocked me it was 80p for 140g, which is 57.1p per 100g, a more expensive option for the amount of filler you got!! 
 In my opinion not fair at all for someone on a really strict budget and totally misleading as you would expect the 'Value' range to be the cheapest.  The supermarkets and manufacturers fiddle with the pack sizes and with the labelling, sometimes it is per item, sometimes per 100g or sometimes per  kilo, shopping has turned into a mathematical nightmare for most of us.
So I'm just pleased that the cost of my homemade sandwich filler easily beats the cost of any that I could find in the supermarkets.  I worked out roughly it cost around 70p for an equivalent amount to the 400g tub, and the good thing is that it uses up all those odds and ends that you have lurking in the fridge.  It will also keep for a couple of days if you cover the dish with clingfilm or tip it into a lidded tub.
Simple September - Top Tip #3
Look at the shelf edge labels if you are shopping in the supermarkets and always check the price per 100g of the product you are buying. 
Watch the pack sizes, it used to be better value to always go for the larger packs but these days with the supermarkets efforts to bamboozle us it is not always the case.
Sometimes it will work out cheaper to buy a few smaller packs, sometimes the small pack may be on special offer or BOGOF for example. 
 And don't whatever you do simply grab the basic or value range of any supermarket product without checking that the 'own brand' or sometimes even a brand you might not recognise but that could be equally tasty, is cheaper or better value for your money.


  1. Very good point about the misleading pricing - I was complaining to someone about this just yesterday! I suspect as well that the very people who most need the best value in the first place are often those who would least think of this sort of con!

    Definitely a sandwich fan too - one of my favourites is good old cheese & pickle, or cheese & chutney!

  2. What a cheek they have with the value range being dearer. It's not something I've ever bought so interesting to see your price comparison.

  3. To true re the pricing comparisons , I have found they switch to price per 100g for the really expensive stuff!

  4. I love a good sandwich- in a bagel!

  5. Your sandwiches look delicious, I love homemade fillings much nicer than shop bought, its amazing just what you can use up disguised with a good dollop of mayo.

    I do one we call quiche toast, toast thick slices of bread, in a bowl mix a handful of grated cheese a little grated onion or very finely chopped, add a small egg with some black pepper mix well and spread thickly on dry toast, pop under grill to bubble, serve with some homemade chutney....lovely and tasty.

    Mmm.. thats tomorrows lunch decided x

    1. Oh Gosh!! That sounds delicious, I'm just imagining it now on a thick slice of crunchy toasted homemade bread ..... must stop drooling on the keyboard :-)

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the supermarkets are becoming a minefield. They all seem to be trying to swindle us. Thanks for the tip on price per 100g, I shall be sure to check that from now on.

  7. All the leftovers from hubby's party were eaten up in Pitta bread. The veggies left from the dips were turned into soup.

  8. The pricing is often quite tricky to work out isn't it. Apples priced each, per bag or per kilo etc. The sandwich filling is a great idea. I often have odds and ends knocking round the fridge, so I shall give this a try.


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