Thursday 5 September 2013

Relaxation and a Hot Dog ?

When you work hard you have to know when to stop ...
... when to down tools and take a stroll ...
... enjoying the scenery and taking the time to slow right down and watch the boats sail past along the river or pull into their moorings ...

... and listen out for instructions to stop completely, turn round and say 'Cheese'.
The chap in the distance obviously thought I meant him too :-)
These past few days while Lovely Hubby has been recuperating from his re-done laser eye surgery we have been taking the dogs out for a stroll along the banks of the Thames.  Suky gets hot very easy, Pugs do, with their little flat faces they can struggle to breathe if they get too warm.

But we take it steady and avoid the hottest parts of the day when we take the dogs out, and she  knows exactly what to do when she's got herself too hot, she plonks herself down on the little jetty and cools off, then she takes a drink of the lovely clear river water and then plonks herself down again.
After that she's all set for the final hundred yards back to the car and the journey home.
I'll be back on Monday with more Simple September ideas , in the meantime we are taking some time to ourselves and hitting the road tomorrow, heading for River Cottage to meet up with our old friend Hugh and pinch some more of his good ideas to put into use as we prepare to begin yet again in a new place, with new land and a whole new batch of plans and dreams. 
 A final weekend of rest and relaxation before our decorating marathon begins.  The old homestead is in safe hands as are the dogs, cats and chickens ... and we are free to hit the open road.
Sue xx
Simple September - Top Tip #5
Remember to take time out when you need it. 
It really is no good pushing and pushing yourself to do too much.  Better to do less, enjoy it more and want to do it again.
Take time to stop and smell the roses, God gave them scent for a reason :-)


  1. Hot dog. Dillon needs to get his belly in the water to cool down so I can see why Suky does !

  2. Pugs warm my heart.... Comical little devils

  3. Lovely photographs. Have a great weekend xx

  4. Enjoy the open roads.
    Suky gave me a big smile .

  5. I just wanted to say I have been reading daily & love your simple September tips! x

  6. Have a lovely well earned rest at the weekend, hope to see you soon... Lots of love Karan xxxxx

  7. May l borrow that last sentence? It's lovely! Credit given to you of course :-). Have a lovely weekend. Pam x

    1. Of course you can, thank you for asking :-)

  8. Nice post. I hope Lovely Hubby's eye soon recovers. My husband had major retina detachment a few years ago which involved a band having to be put around the eye, as it was too bad for laser treatment. Apparently his retina are thin and prone to it!

    Sorry haven't been able to follow so many blogs lately, not much time with trying to declutter myself and also Mum not being well.

    I hope you are happy in your new home. x


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