Tuesday 17 September 2013

Outside Space

First of all can I just say a whopping big THANK YOU.
Thank you for all the lovely comments and emails we received yesterday wishing us well in our new home and saying how much you like it.  We are really pleased with it, it took us a long time to find but I think the wait was worth it.
This is the view from our bedroom window showing most of our land and woods. 
 In total we have around 4.5 acres including the woodland which makes up about half of that.  The land we own goes up to the far fence line that you see in this picture, with the rough scrubbier land beyond that currently on rent to the house for a nominal amount per year as it was purchased by the Highways Agency off the then owner of the house in readiness for moving the main road slightly further down the valley.  Yes we will be on a much quieter road in a couple of years with this one simply being the back road for properties on it, very good for us and the value of the house.  Once this work has been completed we should be able to buy back the far bit of land and then we will own up to the tree line at the bottom.
The woods start with a gradual incline and then rise up steeply, not good for growing anything but wood and pigs, so perfect for us.  For the next couple of years we will do a little bit of woodland management and stockpile fallen wood for the log burner as we work in claiming back little bits of land at the back of the house, but after that we will hopefully be able to let the pigs live in peace in the trees with their pig arks lower down .

The views are absolutely amazing and it will be oh so easy to spend time gazing into space. 
Even more so now we know there is pair of Red Kites living in the locality.  It seems they follow us wherever we go.  When we moved to Oxfordshire the skies were full of them as it had been a feeding area to help re-establish them, we were told when we moved to where we live now that we would not see many at all, but over the year we have been here they have moved into the surrounding woods and we see and hear them constantly.
We saw one of the pair that live near our new Welsh hillside on Sunday, it soared majestically over the valley and vanished into the distant trees.  It would seem that we are arriving at the same time as the Kites to colonise this particular Welsh valley :-)
This is the view from our neighbours side of the fence looking down on to our rooftop, her house is in the distance nestled in a little dip of trees.
As we gradually fill our new home with our possessions and new purchases we will find out just how spacious it is, comparing it to here I think it is very similar in sized just configured completely differently, well for a start we have stairs :-)
The main thing I think is the light, the little 1930's bungalow we live in at the moment is dark and dreary, our new home is filled with light and we will be maximising this even more by painting everything white, with splashes of a variation of my favourite shade of green.  Today we are going to get some paint mixed up that will be used to inject green into every room of the house in one way or another.
Exciting times.
Sue xx
Simple September - Top Tips #10

When is a bargain not a bargain - when the jar you bought last week on offer at £2 is 200g heavier than the jar you bought this week 'on offer' at £2.

Sneaky, sneaky Mr T*sco !!
Tip of the day keep your wits about you at all times when shopping.
Laura over at No More Spending fell for something very similar last week!
And also ..... grab a useful bargain when you can. 
All these were on fantastic offer at Approved Foods the other week, the chocolate bars are heading to Wales with us this week as nice little treats for the decorators ... that's us by the way.  You have to do something to make me wield a paint brush and I'm afraid bribery with chocolate is still known to work !!
The Naan breads will be lovely dipped into homemade curry, reheated in the microwave after a hard days work.
The biscuit mixes, in the jars, will be made up here and taken with us in a tin each week along with a homemade loaf and a homemade cake, I think this particular decorating army is most definitely marching on it's stomach.


  1. Sue, it looks like a ( your) dream come true! Oh to wake up to a view like that:) we are off UP North to Helmsley tonight to scout out the area, hopefully my lovely husband will feel the absolute love for North Yorkshire that I do... Keep your fingers crossed..... Hope you can find time when I get back for a long coffee and chat:) Lots and lots of love Karan xxxxxx

  2. Ha! Nooooo the 800g Mayo is £1.79 at Morrisons this week...not that I'm stalking the supermarkets offers or anything! Once bitten......

    Your land/views are amazing Sue. Thank you for sharing this journey with us x

    1. Bum!!

      600g is £2 at Tesco and the 800g £3.76 (I think). It just shows you really DO have to shop around.

      We haven't got a Morrisons near us here, but I've spotted one on our drive home to Wales, I'll have to stop and check is out, I've not shopped there in years.

  3. I've often passed that house on my way up or down the valley - it was nice to get a peek inside! I'm looking forward to re-visiting my bit of Wales with you from my armchair in France. Glad it has all worked out for you both.

  4. Your new home looks like a dream come true, I know you're going to have many happy years here :)
    I think I'm right in saying you very kindly donated to my justgiving page. Thank you so much! The Big Sleep Out is at the end of the week, and I'm getting nervous and excited about it. Thank you so much again for your wonderful kindness, it means so much to me and so many others :)
    Best wishes.

  5. Your new home looks just wonderful. All of those views - I will be surprised if you get anything done with those distracting you.

    I have been reading your blog for years now and this is my first time commenting, I just want to wish you all the happiness in the world in your new home x x x

  6. As if the red kites were not good omen enough, the marching food bodes very well indeed! Gorgeous x

  7. Magnificent area surrounding you , just gorgeous !!
    Love that you are adding green to every room too.

  8. So pleased for you both :) Felling trees for your oun woodburner is the best feeling :)

  9. You have a slope to rival ours!! As you say, not much you can do with the steep bits, but the view from the top makes the climb worthwhile!

  10. I get a bit jalouse when I see those pics.(the netherlands are so flat :) )
    Have a great day!

  11. Stunning views, and red kites, amazing!!
    Your land looks great, bet you can't wait to get started.
    Hadn't heard of Approved Foods before I read about it hear, looks good, think I may need to place an order!!
    Best wishes
    Linda O xxx

  12. Wishing you every happiness in your new home. It looks amazing and is a perfect piece of heaven for you both... and of course the furry ones xx♥xx

  13. Congratulations! It's wonderful to see your long worked for dreams coming true. The views are Fabulous! The house isn't too shabby either, all that light, it'll make a painter out of you. :) Enjoy your new space.

  14. Fabulous views, here in Texas, it is so flat and a view is to be treasured.
    Every happiness to you in your wonderful new house. I will follow along with great interest.
    Pam in Texas.xx

  15. Better by the minute, the views are stunning, so different to the pancake Fens. I am on countdown even though our move is next spring. I managed to snaffle up a box of that chocolate, and very nice they are. Is it too soon to be preparing my stomache for marching?

  16. I do envy you !!! The main road in/out of Llanwrst was moved a year or so and a few cottages along there are now a lot quieter as a result.

  17. Many congratulations on attaining you beautiful new home! Hope you'll be very happy and contented there - I'm sure I would ;o)
    Very best wishes
    Rose H

  18. I'd move home every day if it meant more chocolate!

  19. Those views look fabulous Sue. Hope you will be very happy in your new home. Deb x

  20. Ooh, pigs in the woods, how FAB. What a lot of lovely room to grow stuff

  21. Hi Sue

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful new home with us, I wish you and LH much joy and happiness xx

  22. This http://www.theguardian.com/world/picture/2013/sep/18/eyewitness-llanrwst-north-wales#zoomed-picture is just up/down the road from you, isn't it?

    1. Yes it is, I posted about going there back in July, it's our favourite tearooms. Their scones are ALMOST as good as mine :-)

      I am going to try and take a photo of it every month, the foliage changes colour so dramatically, and of course it's an excuse for a coffee and a cake!!

  23. Su, I've not been on the internet all week so I was really excited to see your new place. So much potential! I love it. The woods look great - think of all the things you could make with all that wood!


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