Wednesday 18 September 2013

Project 333 - Round 3

I know ....  I'm late starting this third round of Project 333, but I've had a lot on my mind :-)

I like choosing my Autumn clothes, somehow I think you can cover all eventualities with Autumn items, I mean in this country we know we need something warm, something waterproof and something practical, and these are the sorts of clothes I like best.

The shirt I'm wearing in the top picture taken at the start of this round of P333 was one of the ten items that ended up at the car boot sales we did over the Summer.  Yes, you read that right ... out of the 33 items I chose for the season, 10 of them ended up getting sold.  If you have limited clothes at your disposal they have to be right, no more than that, they have to be perfect for you and that is why I love Project 333 it streamlines your wardrobe so that everything in it is perfect for you.

To tell the truth it all went a little to pot this season, with everything that was going on in our lives it was bound to.   The clothes I bought to replace the ones I sold were never photographed and if the truth be told I don't even know how many items I actually have in my collection at the moment, a quick glance tells me it's more than 33 !

This was the star of Round 2, early in the season and over the last couple of weeks, my waterproof jacket has been the most worn item alongside my usual jeans.

Now it's time to get my wardrobe away from looking all Summery and light and ready for whatever Autumn and Winter has to throw at us.  Luckily I won't have to count my decorating gear in amongst the clothes I choose.  It's very liberating packing away for next year what I know I will need and wear and getting out some of the favourites from last Winter, almost like shopping from home but with no money leaving my purse.

If you want to find out a little bit more about me doing Project 333, have a read HERE or click on the Project 333 link in the 'Labels' list.

Sue xx

Simple September - Top Tip #11

Sort through your clothes, do you wear all that you have, if not why not?   Does it fit properly, does it need repairing or is it just 'not you', if you have any doubts at all be ruthless, either sell things through EBay or something similar, give to family or friends or donate to charity.  Yes, you might have paid for it but if you're not going to wear it why keep it, either liquidate your assets or just take away the guilt that is hanging in your closet looking back at you.  I swear this is the most liberating thing about getting rid of things.

 Have your wardrobe looking neat and tidy and arranged to suit your way of life.  Wash, mend and then store out of season clothes and shoes out of the way.  Using your holiday suitcase for this is a brilliant idea and means that if you did need something you can lay your hands on it immediately, and if you were going somewhere warm or unseasonal you will have all the right clothes in the right place anyway.

After you have sorted through your clothes hang up whatever is going back in the wardrobe with all the hangers facing the way you do not usually have them hanging, then when you wear things put them away with the hangers facing the way you do normally hang them.  At the end of a month or so you will instantly be able to see which clothes are not being worn and figure out what to do with them.

Taking control of something as basic as the things you choose to wear means that each day starts simply and therefore better.


  1. Super tips for keeping my clothes tidy , now I just need the tips for discipline ! :)

  2. At the beginning of the year I went through my wardrobe and put away everything that I had not worn for a year. The rest I turned the hangers and now have half left. This weekend I will be packing that lot away for next summer and ruthlessly going through the stuff I get out of storage. I did not follow 333 but did my version of it. I did have 6 sets of work clothes, I now have 3. Way to go I think.

  3. I'm not sure I even have 33 items of clothing in total. I do have a split of more summery versus more winter type clothing. Summer stuff will be going away soon but the tee shirts tend to be carried over into winter and worn under jumpers etc. I like the idea of turning coat hangers around then seeing what doesn't get worn.

  4. I found your blog a few days ago via " Going Gently" and am looking forward to getting to know you and( reading back posts.) You have certainly interested me. I like the backwards hanger idea, and must put it into action sometime ( when I can get away from keeping an eye on the 13 wk old puppy!)

  5. So far I've only unpacked one box of clothes and one suitcase. And in the 2 weeks since I moved in I haven't even needed most of them. Massive sorting exercise long overdue especially as I'm going back to teaching so will need work clothes again.

    Great advice as always :-)

  6. I cull my wardrobe frequently, making sure I only own items that I actually wear and love to pieces. I agree, it's very liberating. Everything else gets carted off to the charity shop, so that hopefully someone else will fall in love with it :)


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