Tuesday 3 September 2013

Ebony and Her Babies

Ebony is proving to be a brilliant little chicken Mama.
Everyday she teaches her babies something new and it's fascinating to watch, I find myself spending way too much time crouched down watching her interaction with the chicks.
Occasionally I pick them up ...

... mostly to check on them ...

... to make sure their little feet are okay and have a good look at them, but it's also because ..... well who can resist a little chick cuddle :-)

The largest black chick is fast on his feet and usually dashes into the bedroom, this time with Ebony close behind him, so I have to lift the lid and pick him up from there.

But I did get a good look at him, I say him but we don't know yet whether they are boys or girls, time will tell.
Todays lesson from Mama was how to drink out of the puddles of water you find when the human lady has missed the water drinker with the spout of the watering can and created a mini pond in your little enclosure.
They followed Mama and gathered around the puddle, watching her take a drink they all then took a drink ... and then decided to paddle. 

Mama was having none of that and decided that it was time to take them all into the house, to get away from the water and the big human who seemed intent on standing and staring in a most un-chicken like manner and looked like she might start picking up the babies for more little chick hugs.
Sue xx
Simple September - Top Tip #2
If you have chickens a good source of calcium, to keep their eggs nice and strong and help them regain some of the calcium they lose every time they lay you an egg, can be given to them in the form of their own egg shells.  I simply keep all the shells off eggs that we eat and then finely crush them and mix it in with their corn ration.
Try not to give them egg shaped pieces, although they will eat them this will give them the idea that they can help themselves to the eggs that they have just laid.  But crushed pieces will not be as recognisable for them.


  1. Cute little chicks! Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures :) I love the September Top Tips you're sharing too, looking forward to the next one.

  2. Oh your "Top Tip" has made me smile, thank you ;-))

  3. Chickens love water that's spilled and paddling but hate getting wet - funny things! Nice pictures too

  4. You can also chuck a few bits of crushed eggshell into any soup stock you make as an additional source of calcium for humans !

  5. They are sweet little chickies. Glad she is proving to be a good mum.

  6. I so want chickens, but am concerned about our very cold winters.

    Gill in Canada

  7. Lovely babies , mum is such a cute girl too !

  8. We've found ours much prefer a puddle of water to the water in their drinker - strange creatures indeed. We've never had chicks though, I'm slightly envious of all the chick cuddles :)


  9. How cute. I'd be out there watching them all day.

  10. The best part of having chicks is the picking up

  11. Aww such cute little chickens!

    We have five recently hatched baby chicks here too, they are a week old now :)


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