Wednesday 7 August 2013

Off on My Travels

Here's the Tin Bath as it was this morning, before I picked lots of the peas for tea tonight.   
We've been eating quite well from it and it's been really handy having it close to the house for last minute pickings.  There are still some peas left after my picking session and lots of radishes at the front, there are also the Spring Onions which are yet to really get going.  Maybe they don't like being so overshadowed by the magnificent pea crop we have had this year.
Herb corner is alive and well .....

... and the two sinks are lush with growth even though they are picked through for most meals and juices.

In fact everything is looking rather lush. 
The rose is slightly past it's best, it looked even worse yesterday but has rallied round after a nice cooling shower overnight, I can't quite bring myself to snip it off when it looks so lovely and adds a dash of colour to the otherwise green jungle.
The eagle eyed among you will note the mass of weeds and slight air of neglect, which is in pronounced contrast to my nice neat veggie beds.  I am a veggie gardener through and through and first call on my time goes to the edibles we grow and I'm afraid any flowers, plants and other bushes get left to their own devices.  I used to panic having acres and acres of land to tend, but then I found out that if left to her own timetable nature does it for you.  The masses of weeds shrivel at the first frost and a quick tidy up can then be done to keep the weeds at bay and leave the plants and shrubs to snuggle down for the Winter.
It feels strange mentioning Winter, but this last couple of days there has been a marked change in the atmosphere, it's feeling quite autumnal here on our little patch.  The nights are starting to draw in, something we note daily when we pull ourselves from the sofas to go and lock the birds up for the night.  The dampness of the mornings stays around for longer meaning that wellies are called for to let the birds back out of their houses and the dogs come back from their patrol of the grounds with wet legs and tummies, poor little things it must be so hard to be only a few inches off the ground.
I am desperately trying to hang on to Summer though, and each day I look for breaks in the morning clouds that will herald a warming of the ground and signal that yes, it will be fine to get the washing machine on ready to fill the line with sheets to dry in the promised warmth of later.
I'm off on my travels today, in fact the whole of today is looking very good.  In a while I'm off to visit a Blogging Buddy and have a relaxing coffee and a chat .... put the kettle on Karan, I'll see you soon.  Then after a whiz round the shops and a quick spot of ironing it's time to pack my bags, have some tea with Lovely Hubby and then hit the road to Manchester and Mum's house for a couple of days.
We girls have a spot of house hunting to do, Mum's house is sold and now she needs to find her own new place. I do like house hunting,  it tends to include lots of legitimate nosing around other folks houses, and then visits to coffee shops to discuss the pros and cons of each one.  There's lots of moving houses going on in the family at the moment, our niece has also just bought her very own first place to live up in LH's home town of Peebles, so I can see lots of scribbling out and new additions in our address books before this Christmas comes knocking at the door.  Ooops...... I said the 'C' word.  Must go and wash my mouth out with soapy water :-)
See you all next week when hopefully I will be able to report that Mum has a new place of her own and is not destined to live in a cardboard box under the arches in Manchester.
I know it's extremely early but let me be the very first one to say to you all - Have a nice weekend!!
Sue xx


  1. Everything certainly is looking very lush, congrats on such a great growing season. I know what you mean about the weather. Suddenly, it doesn't seem silly wearing long sleeved tops. Autumn is my favourite season though, so it can't come soon enough!
    I hope you have a lovely time visiting your Mum. Fingers crossed she finds her ideal home.
    Best wishes.

  2. I was just saying to hubby this morning that it's feeling decidedly autumnal already.

    Enjoy your travels!

  3. Feels like autumn here..horrible..we didn't even have a summer.
    Jane x

  4. I said " its nearly Autumn" to Compostman just last night :)

  5. Hi Sue, thanks so much for all the gorgeous home grown veggies ! It was so lovely to see you today, looking trim and healthy:) enjoy your time Up North with your mum.... See you very soon. Karan xxxxxx

  6. I love house hunting!

    Even in the southern US I'm noticing a change in the air. We still have a time of warmth left (often we have what we call an Indian summer --as in Native American), but the mornings are a little cooler and so are the evenings. I'm feeling the urge to get everything prepped for fall so I know it is coming soon. (I've even started making Christmas gifts.)

  7. Yes, we thought it was just here in North Norfolk it was getting chilly again in the mornings. I have also noticed the evenings drawing in too, oh well, at least we did have some kind of summer this year! Have a lovely weekend Sue, and everyone else.

  8. The tin bath is a fabulous idea
    One I will steal

  9. Amazing peas. Trying to ignore all autumnal thoughts... love this gentle summer weather we're having this week. Have a lovely time away. Claire xo

  10. Have a lovely few days with your mum x

  11. Hope your Mum finds her ideal home and that you enjoy your time together.

  12. Oh I love house hunting! I hope your search was productive and your lovely Mum is okay x

  13. I love looking at all your photos, and I can totally understand why the veggies get your attention-they put food on the table afterall.

    Hope you had a nice trip and the house hunting went well.

    Sft x


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