Saturday 17 August 2013

New Babies on the Farm

No it's not this talented little fellow, but we do have a new Black Pekin Bantam mum with her six little Silkie 10 day old chicks. 
She's living in a cat carrying basket overnight in the utility room, all cosy and secure while we get the broody cage out of storage and then she will take up residence in Chicken World tomorrow when we move it along the paddock and onto fresh grass.  We didn't want her to be even more stressed after her scary day at the Smallholders Sale with her babies hiding under her wings with too many moves.
She looks a lot like this ....

... and her babies are like this, all different colours and so tiny.
(These two pictures from Google Images.)
We have also bought six more Hyline hens as we needed some more egg layers to keep up with demand from our regular customers. 
 The sad thing is we have now sold our Chinese Grey Geese, so Harry, Larry and Mo have left the farm.  At first we were really worried about what sort of home they would go to, but they were bought by a couple who also bought six Chinese Grey goslings so they are now part of a larger goose family.  This will suit our girls down to the ground they were desperate for babies of their own, now they are adoptive mummies of some lovely young geese.
We have also sold one of our lovely henhouses, and it went for a brilliant price so we were extremely pleased with the outcome of that, more money in the bank to buy a different style of henhouse for the new place.
All in all a very successful day at the Smallholders Sale.
Sue xx


  1. how lovely,im so envious.
    How do you move them all when you go to Wales?

  2. Sooooo cute! I missed out on hatching any chicks this year because of the renovations and garden work going on, but my Silkie and Pekin hens are always going broody. Maybe next year. :) Good luck rearing them, hope you get plenty of girls and not too many boys.

  3. How exciting, it is all change. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new hen and chickies. I'm very envious! One day, one day...

  4. OOh look forward to seeing them in their new home soon, we too have added a few more hens to our flock some black rock and Lincolnshire buff crosses all the older hens are either moulting or broody and all my chicks are not quite at POL

  5. The chicks are so adorable! Glad to hear you had such a good time at the Smallholders Sale :)


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