Friday, 8 March 2013

The Year of Less - The Perfect Purse

Sometimes things happen for a reason and you simply have to go with it. 
I mentioned last week that I hadn't managed to spend the £15 of Marks and Spencer vouchers that I had tucked in my purse to help the housekeeping budget.  Well on Saturday I went into Manchester city centre shopping with my lovely Mum and youngest son.  We had a brilliant time browsing the rails, with them trying clothes on and me giving my opinion, and I honestly thought that there was nothing that I wanted to buy ... then I spotted it ... the perfect purse.
Just the right number of pockets, zipped compartments and card holders all in a rather fetching bright red, (won't get lost in the black bag that I'm about to start using with the next change of Project 333 things then).  I looked at the price tag and guess what .....yep, you got it right it was £15.  There was no question it was the one for me, so I handed over my vouchers (I do so love it when NO money changes hands) and it was mine.
Once I got home I sorted through my bag and unearthed my current purses/wallets, yes I have been carrying THREE around with me.  One for my housekeeping money and Nectar card, one for all my other cards, AA, business cards etc and one for my personal spending money.
Now all this fits into my one perfect purse and that leaves two of the above surplus to requirements, the black one has been popped into the car boot box with a price tag of £1, the card wallet has been filled with the cards that are not in regular use and will be left at home unless I know I need them and the Cath Kidston beauty has been popped on Ebay, I reckon (and hope) that I will get a little bit more cash for it on there than I would at a car boot sale, so we will see how much that makes me and how much that brings down the cost of my new perfect purse. 
(It's HERE if you want a peek to see how much it goes for, or are even are tempted to have a bid yourselves, let me know if you do and then go on to win it and I'll throw in a few extras for free.)
So this week the Year of Less challenge has resulted in less clutter in my handbag and for no extra money
- I'm happy :-)
Three into one does go !!
Sue xx


  1. Oh I do like that purse ! I use a wallet stuffed with cards & receipts prescription forms phone top up card etc .. and a tiny leather purse from the charity shop for loose change ( which Joe usually gets for college )

  2. Oh, nice! My mum ALWAYS used a red purse. She said red purses were *lucky* :-)

  3. I've had my purse for YEARS...I'd be lost without it.
    Jane x

  4. That is a nice purse. I have a bright green one (better than it sounds) so i dont loose it either. Im a recovering Ebay shoppper (and my name is Lynda) so i dont go on to look at anything. If i dont look I dont want.

  5. I've currently got the perfect purse....and it's reaching the end of its lifespan rapidly. Trying to find a replacement is becoming traumatic! Yours is lovely - you're the second person today who's told me that they got a lovely purse from M&S - I must take a look!

  6. Great idea to use a bright coloured purse in the huge abyss that is most ladies handbags. I love the purse and may have a bid on it myself. Looks lovely

  7. My perfect purse finally fell to bits in February, I was on holiday and bought one fast. Act in haste repent at leisure, too true, I hate the purse and it has put me off from looking. Now I must find time to go to M & S to have a look. Love the little coin purse, have placed a bid and will be watching closely. It wants me, I know it does.

  8. I am also a 3 purse person one is so big it takes up a lot of room and need to sort them out.Must look in M%S and have I have placed bid on your lovely CK purse.

  9. Hi Sue, luckily I have forgotten my ebay password so while I do love the Cath Kidston I'm not going to be tempted to bid! My current purse is one I purchased in Juneau Alaska with money that my daughter gave me for Mother's Day that year. It is a little big but it's bright (pink) and cheery and I've never seen anyone else with the same one! I'm always looking for the perfect handbag which my handbag buying over the years can attest to. But now I accept that I need a couple of different ones so I'm happy with that.
    Cheers Judy xx

  10. Things happen for a reason, you were meant to find the purse and be able to pay for it with your voucher.

    Sft x


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