Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Stating the Obvious!!

It's so bl**dy cold!!
Yes, I am stating the obvious!  It is -3.5 here today.  The sun is doing her best to take the chill off the air but the wind is thumbing his nose at her and making it feel like -10 instead.
The dogs have up until now refused point blank to get out of their beds but I am about to resolve this and drag them kicking and barking into the frosty world that is outside the back door.
When am I going to be able to plant my seeds, the greenhouse is showing a temperature of minus one and I wouldn't dream of sowing my lovely little seeds until all danger of frost has passed.  I learned the other year that late sown seeds catch up quickly to early sown ones, so I am being good and biding my time.
It's just soooooo frustrating!!
Oh..... and I want one of these.....but with thick woolly socks too!
Sue xx


  1. Yeah and the problem with one of those is... you have to only sit like that. Don't think I'd be able to move afterwards but love the idea. We thought we'd have around -5 here last night but when we got up, it was -1 so not too bad. I did sow some peas and broad beans in a raised bed with a net cloche and perspex over the top to allow the air to still get in. Might be good, might be bad, never done it before!

  2. Ooooh Sue! I am going to make a face thing like that the next time my XL hubby discards a sweater. Or maybe I'll thrift one. I bet you could use the end of a sleeve for it!

  3. Its freezing here in Doncaster too with wispy bits of snow fluttering about. Its was snowing like mad when we went to bed last night but at least the wind had dropped. Love the snuggly thingymibob but don't think I'm the right shape to curl up like that.... I wish lol

    I can't wait for the warmer weather so we can get in the garden, I always feel summer is on its way when the first veg seedlings poke their heads up.

    Stay warm
    Karen x

  4. Met office showed it as dropping to "-4, feels like -11" with us last night and my goodness it felt it too. Brr indeed. As for the snuggly jumper thing - whatever is the point of that without the feet covered eh?! Honestly, some people! I went straight for my slipper-boots last night, nothing else was going to cut it!

  5. Horizontal snow STILL falling here - combination of powder snow and very strong N wind. - 5 here last night, still -2 now and feels more like - 10 with the wind. Brrrr!

  6. Replies
    1. We seem to be having a 'taster' of your temperatures Jane, but nothing as severe as you, I honestly don't know how you cope!!

  7. We were supposed to be planting our potatoes on Sunday, St Paddys day, but snow if forcaste, so will have to hold off a bit longer.

  8. I'm so fed up with it and trying not to let it get me down, but enough already!! :)

  9. I planted my garlic last week and they like to have a cold spell,so I am happyish.It is very biting with the wind,our dog doesn't seem to bother but he is a working springer

  10. On the other hand, is it ever going to cool down. Ten straight days of 30+ and we have broken all summer and March records since they started collecting data. I think it might be on its way down to 29 today. Only the extremely thin could wear a sweater like that but i guess the larger have more insulation. Insulation which at the moment makes me hotter than others.

  11. I'm the same as you when it comes to seeds. I always worry I've not put them in early enough but they always seem to do alright.

  12. How on earth are you meant to go for a wee in one of those????

    Also I have felt the same as you re sowing seeds this march, but I have taken over the dining table and now the first sowingss are nestled on my kitchen window ledge xx

  13. haha thats brilliant! Might need a bigger gap to fit the hot chocolate and biscuits in but otherwise a good idea!
    Mighty cold here too but got some fab pictures which I hope to get online tomorrow (famous last words!!)
    Keep warm! Take care
    Sarah x

  14. Oh Sue I know Winter has had a hold on keeping cold this year ...SPRING will come ~ or so I have said to myself every day this week!

  15. The sun is shining here, snow melted & think the freezing wind has dropped - maybe not too bad walking Dillon today ( he of course went in the sea yesterday- mad dog ! )


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