Saturday, 9 March 2013

Beauty all around.....

There is beauty all around us at the moment, the place is coming alive with colour.
 I was awake long before these snowdrops the other morning and their little heads were closed tightly against the morning chill.  Later in the day basking in sunshine they opened up again and held their drooping beauty regally.
I walk the dogs around this paddock a couple of times each day,  Rosy loves to run off into the woods on the left, rooting and snuffling in the bushes to see where the badgers have been and if there are any deer resting beneath the bushes.   She startles many a peacefully snoozing deer, and then usually comes back with a grin on her face.
Of course no dog walk would be complete without a cat or two.  Picking up the milk or the post from the gate at the end of our drive usually turns into a furry family outing, sometimes with all four of my furry friends in attendance, but yesterday it was just me, Rosy, Suky and Archie the fluffy cat.  When we got back to the house Ginger was snoozing in the washing basket.
The primroses and primulas are coming up all over the place, bringing sunshine to the darkest corners of our patch. To me they herald the start of my favorite season.

Beautiful flowers that simply demand you peer into their faces, I think these are Lenten Roses, we have them in a few colours, I found the most dramatic dark purple almost black display of them under one of the trees, flowering beautifully away in it's own secret corner.
This week has seen the emergence of the Crocuses, there was a beautiful little shaded one that I really wanted to get a photograph of, but a certain little somebody went and sat on it ......still you can't be cross at a face like this ....can you?
Sue xx


  1. Those are Helebores & the very plants I was buying years ago when Joe poked his finger into the Oasis blocks I just blogged about ! They look very sad this year but must be 14 years old !

    I've bought my mother a pretty little painted glass minature vase & will pop a few snowdrops in for Mothering Sunday. Last year we took her on a snowdrop walk.

    We had a cat who came dog walking with us once and yes you can forgive that face anything. I stop & pat all the Pugs I come accross.

  2. It really is beginning to look like Spring now isn't it... keep warm in the snow though!
    It's my favourite season too.

  3. No snow drops here,I do love them!
    Jane x

  4. You lucky girl - I am still housebound with the flu and think I might miss the snowdrops completely this year. x

  5. Sadly it is not snowdrops, but rather SNOW, that we're expecting over the next few days. :-( I want spring to arrive!!

  6. Fabulous snowdrop display - I had been searching endlessly and nearly crashed the car this week when I suddenly spotted a few clumps in woodland at the roadside! they are few and far between here.

  7. I love that Spring is finally coming.

    We have snowdrops and primroses in our garden. I love seeing them

    Sft x

  8. Primroses are one of my absolute favourites, hence why I have bought nearly 50 of them for the garden, going to grow from seed for next yeah!!! Your patch certainly is starting to show they beauty that is spring xx


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