Tuesday, 5 March 2013

It's my time of year........


It's my time of year ...... the time when I can finally get stuck in to growing our own veggies again. 
In past years I have been able to start much earlier, to even have some things growing throughout the cold and harsh winter months, but without my polytunnel I have been lost.  Here I have for this year at least, the use of the old greenhouse.
If you could get closer you would see it is actually falling apart, cleaning the outside last week we managed to loosen even more of the rickety and broken panes of glass.  There is almost as much cold air inside as there is outside.  But while I can use it I will, next year our landlord is taking it down so that the side wall can be put on the oak framed garage that he has had built, I don't mind at all, a year without it will make me adapt even more and it should only be for the one year as we potentially have exciting developments afoot :-)
This morning I cleaned the inside, just with washing up liquid and a dash of bleach to kill off the mould and mildew that was stuck to the glass, frames and shelves. Somehow it has survived the onslaught with the hot soapy water and brush and is still standing, I finished by hosing it all down inside and out and now it is drying in the rising warmth of a lovely March sun.  Tomorrow when it is properly dry I will go round with a big roll of duct tape that I found in the shed and try to repair some of the cracks and holes, I will stick together the more rickety uprights and make it ready for action.
Because now it is time to get planting, my favourite task of the Spring. 

I have picked out the first of the seeds to be planted and have them ready ... lined up in order of what I want to get in first. 
 Later today while this wonderful sunshine lasts I will go and cover the raised beds in the Veggie Patch that Lovely Hubby has turned over for me while I was away at the weekend.  They are looking good, the compost from last year with addition of all the hen house cleanings out has made the soil rich and ready to impart it's goodness to the veggies I will be putting in.  So the first task must be to cover them with the net tunnels and various lengths of plastic netting so that the earth beneath will begin to warm and dry ready for the outside planting to be done in a few weeks.
It's a time of year I love, it's my time of year, one of planting and hope, one of wonder at the miracle that nature provides us with. That tiny seeds bought, gathered and saved from last year will grow to become our foods, that later will flower and give us delight with their beautiful colours and then set seed to start the process all over again for next year when our supplies are running low in the larders and freezers in the house.
I think I put it as well as I ever could with THIS POST last year.

I am not the only one that enjoys this time of year the dogs and cats love it too, the chance to be outside in the sun with Mum close at hand is their favourite occupation. All the time that I'm pottering around and getting done the jobs that need to be done, the dogs take it easy laying on their waterproof mattress on the patio, occasionally jumping up to bark at a bird flying overhead or an imagined threat, but mostly snoozing away the day in the warmth of the sun sometimes joined by the cats but mostly spread out on their own.
Sue xx


  1. We are itching to get outside working,but that's a while off yet.We'll be starting off seeds indoors later this month though (whoop,whoop!).
    Jane x

  2. Have sown my first peas and broad beans in a raised bed under some perspex lids to allow a flow of air underneath the perspex.

  3. We have one more hard graft weekend ahead in order to get our new back garden and raised beds in ready for this years planting but reading your post is making me even more impatient xx

  4. I've been planting more seeds in trays this afternoon too, a lovely task.

  5. You must feel wonderful pottering away planting again. Enjoy x

  6. It is amazing what a bit of sun will do,good luck with the planting

  7. It's been wonderful outside today.
    Finally getting on with the clear up I should have done in Autumn! Seeds tomorrow. My time of year too..

  8. It's wonderful how a bit of sunshine encourages us to get out in the garden. My immediate neighbours went off in their car so I decided to have a much needed clear up of prunings, etc and set them alight in my little incinerator. It was quite breezy, so the smoke was blowing away from the neighbours who were at home and I was able to get rid of quite a lot of garden rubbish. BUT - suddenly a voice from beyond the fence said, "You do know that's all blowing into my house?" and he wasn't best pleased. I apologised and said I'd waited until most of the neighbours were out. (I thought he was, too . . . ) That's the very first time he's spoken to me in the two and a half years I've lived here. Oops!

  9. Just to add that I let the fire go out, then attacked all the thick brambles that were coming over and through my fence from HIS side of the fence. Now should I burn them or chuck them over the fence for him to dispose of? Hmmmm . . .

  10. Gotta love that duct tape - is there nothing it cant fix? Enjoy your planting. I wish i were at home doing the same instead of moving paper from one side of my desk to the other. Still, at least i have a job.

  11. Nature is a wonderful thing isn't it. Growing our own is one thing I would love for us to do, but at the moment we don't have the space or the knowledge. Nothing is forever though and we have plans for the future to solve the first issue. As for the latter, thank goodness for libraries and the internet to help us there too!


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