Saturday, 2 March 2013

I will be .....

It didn't cost me anything and I have 24 hours of it. :-)

Exercise time :-)
I will be away for a couple of days, I will not leave you entirely though.
Sue xx


  1. Great pictures we have lace bunting up at the shop and as for DB - gorgeous x

  2. Love this. Will be joining you for inspiration on Thursdays to help keep my thrifty head on throughout March. Have a good weekend xo

  3. Love the "exercise" pic, please can I copy it?

  4. GOodness, i didnt know where to look so i did what i was told. Very nice eye candy.

  5. My neck stretching exercise went well.
    But I do have a bit of eye strain now !!
    Have fun- but hurry back !!

  6. Hello Sue

    I'm new to your blog - love it. Your pictures are beautiful - yes the 'boys' are gorgeous too!!!

    I live 30 minutes from the beautiful Lake District, have chickens and try to be grateful for each new day.

    Thanks for sharing and brightening my day. One day hope I hope to have a blog

    Take care

    Portia xxx


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