Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Year of Less - Pricing up and Packing Away

As I sort through the contents of the spare room, the kitchen cupboards and the nooks and crannies all over the house I take everything into the spare room and slap a price sticker on it, then it is packed away ready for the first car boot of the season.   Sometimes I work methodically and sometimes I pull out a drawer and it's contents annoy me so it is tipped out and sorted then and there.  Good if I have a spare ten minutes, not quite so good if I was just reaching for a pen!
It won't be long now until that first car boot, weather permitting it should be on the first Sunday in April and I will be so glad to see the building stack of boxes gone from the spare room.  As I sort and clear and space is revealed even knowing that the stack is there tucked in behind the door pulls me down.
I need room to breathe. 
Room equals space, space equals freedom, freedom to do as we please and go where we will.  It clears the mind, my mind, and frees the soul.  That we do this together is good, that Lovely Hubby understands my need to de-clutter is brilliant, I thank him for this silently each day, and sometimes it comes right out and I thank him aloud, not often enough I know but he reads this and sometimes to see thanks written down is even more acknowledging.
So thank you Lovely Hubby for not complaining too much when the thing you reach for is no longer there, 
 for putting up with the shifting belongings we do have and that we are keeping, and I promise that soon, hopefully by the end of this year, the things we have got left will all have a space they can call their own, and they will remain in that space long enough for you to get used to it.
Now if you will just let me into the Man Shed I could really have some fun and fill some boxes :-)
For my Mum ........

... Happy Birthday Mum, love you lots, see you soon.
Sue xx


  1. Having just cleared 25 boxes worth of stuff out of the dining room I can vouch for how good it feels.

    Happy Birthday Sue's Mum.

  2. Goodness I would get lost if I entered Mikes man shed. He collects more clutter than I do.

  3. I have de-cluttered the man shed once but it soon ended up full again !!!

  4. Hi Sue,

    You know you cook and share your yummies with us ? Well I am a very crap cook and I was wondering, if you had the time, when feasible (grovel grovel) if you might furnish us with the recipes. I just want to pinch them from you, but you would make my long suffering husband and kids as well as myself very grateful. Lol

    Many thanks, love the blog, Francesca

  5. Oh yes our shed is entirely my mess and I really will do it this year I promise! I think big clear outs are so good for us, getting started is difficult but once going there's no stopping me!

  6. It's a great feeling getting rid of stuff and an even better one enjoying the space left behind! I have been wardrobe culling, my new promise to only spend on myself what I make from the sales. And suddenly shopping ( albeit not often or much) has become so much more fun. And I have space to hang any new purchase.

  7. I'm someone who isn't good with clutter either. Having stuff doesn't bring me the comfort it brings to most people I know, but instead makes me feel trapped. You've highlighted a good point - I must make sure to thank my hubby for putting up with my constant moving and reshuffling of items.

  8. I LOVE your Year of Less posts, they are very inspiring!
    Judy xx


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