Saturday, 23 March 2013

I Am Me


My name is Sue I am a bookaholic :-)

Sue xx


  1. The book one made me laugh. Whenever my mum asked me to do something as a child, I,always used to say, "Just let me finish this page"

  2. I'm also a bookaholic. I'd love to have a count up one day and see how many I own!

  3. I agree with you and Frugal in Bucks. As a child I read myself to sleep most nights, my Mum would have to remove my specs, pick my book up and turn off my light. I did a shop yesterday and whoops a copy of Paul Hollywood,s book "How to Bake" jumped into my hands. Now I have been baking since I was tiny, with my Granny, I have stacks of cook books and this was a want not a need. I make no excuse but for £9 I will get more pleasure dipping in and out of this than I would a years supply of glossy magazines. I will have hours of fun baking and my dog will have lots of walks as I burn of the calories Win Win.

  4. Hi Sue

    I'm reading a Book as the wind howls outside - magic. Nice to find you.

    Take care

    Portia xxx

  5. Sue - love your posts and thanks for the bookworms cartoon today. I am glad to say I am a bookaholic...

    Lesley H in snowy Livingston, West Lothian

  6. Coincidentally I am also me, my name is almost Su (Suzy) and I too am a bookaholic. Kev - I learned to read when I was 4, I wish I kept a list of everything I've read since then, must be a fair bit in 54 years!

  7. The book cartoon is spot on and made me smile. Me and my son, 13, are bookaholics too.

  8. Put the book down
    Walk slowly away from the book x


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