Friday, 16 September 2011


I'm loving growing my own vegetables, you never know what you're going to find when you pop into the Kitchen Garden to pick tea.  Yesterday I thought I was picking one courgette (yes, it looks like a small Marrow but they've all been growing SO fast this year, I've had no 'normal' sized courgettes, except this one on the side), it turned out it was rather attached to it's little friend.

Siamese courgettes, attached together from birth and each deliciously formed inside apart from a missing bit of skin where they are formed together.

Gorgeous harvests with beautiful colours, when you've got lovely fresh produce like this you don't mind the funny shapes and laughable cartoony type vegetables.

Thank you for all your lovely comments about my post yesterday.  Alan read it out to Jessie while he was with her  (he's been there all week, she's in hospital at the moment having a course of radiotherapy), she gave me her permission to publish it.

For those of you who are new readers to this Blog I give you two links.... first THIS one  and then THIS ONE,  to help explain slightly.  Jessie has done wonderfully since these posts were written back in March, although now she is on lots of pain relilef and the cancer has spread.  The main day to day care and help for Jessie has been Alison, putting her own life on hold while she helps her Mum with so many things, Lovely Hubby has supported his sister and Mum as much as he possibly could considering how far away we are from each other (we're in Oxfordshire, England and they are in Peebles, Scotland), I been there helping him as much as I could in the background and all the while I've been so very conscious of you, my lovely Blogging Buddies being there for me......THANK YOU.

Sue xx


  1. It comes to something when I am saying Ohhhhh how sweet to a picture of some courgettes but that's what I've just done.

  2. I feel so much empathy with you, Sue, as I have been in that same situation 10 years ago. I am older than you, being born in 1950 but had a relationship with my MIL very similar to yours with the lovely Lizzie.I hope your relationship with her never leaves you and you can envisage what she would say to many a situation along the pathways of your life. A lovely post!!!!!!!!!! Regards, Lynda x

  3. it's harvest time over here as well.

    saying a prayer for your mil.....

    Gill in Canada

  4. Your love for Jessie shines through in your previous post. I'm sure her fight with cancer is made a little easier with all the love and support she has.

    My courgettes thought they were marrows this year. They didn't look or taste like courgettes !


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