Sunday 18 September 2011

Sale Pictures

Well after all Lovely Hubby's hard work of Friday afternoon and evening, I'm pleased to say the sale went really well with all our pigs arks selling to two buyers for well over what we expected.  We knew they would sell because so many folk are keeping pigs at the moment, but we were unsure of what folk would be willing to pay.

Of course a Smallholders Sale is a good place to meet up with old friends of the two and four legged variety, and who should we find in his own pen in the pig section but our lovely Monty.

Monty was our Middle White boar who went to live with new owners at the start of Summer, after proving himself very well and fathering lots of lovely babies with his Welsh Saddleback wives he was ready to be moved on and found himself a good home after the sale.  He's grown up to be a lovely tempered, well built and happy boar, and you can see why he won competitions as a youngster..

There was all sorts of stock for sale, not as many chickens as usual but a good gathering of geese,

a couple of swans and some turkeys and peacocks.

Also very popular in this area of the country are Alpacas, lovely natured animals.

Lovely Hubby's favourite was this one with the rather snazzy hairstyle!

Outside was all the 'deadstock' including our arks and a good selection of chicken houses, accessories and fencing.

Lovely Hubby was rather taken by the goat milking stand (anything for a sit down), which if I had bought the goat I had my eye on would have been very useful.  But we were good and kept our hands firmly in our pockets while all the bidding went on for birds and animals.  We came home with just an old cast iron feeding trough that will look lovely in chicken world when I've cleaned it up and given it a coat of Hammerite.

Today we were at the Farmers Market all morning, sadly very unsupported by the locals and destined to close down again if we can't do something to get more support, and then this afternoon we are having a tidy up session on the farm and giving the grass in and around chicken world a good cut.  So the girls get to have a couple of hours of freedom as we take down their fence so we can strim under it, they can have a good nibble at the veggies and generally having a good tidy up for me around the veggie beds.

This is the time of year to let your chickens roam a bit further afield as they will eat all the bugs and nasties that will be jumping on the last of your veggies.  But before I let them out I'm just off to check the doors to the polytunnel are firmly closed.

Sue xx


  1. Hope Mr Fox is kept at bay too!
    Those Arks are very robust,sturdy looking, no wonder they sold well.
    It's a shame about the Farmers Market,people should really get behind them and back them.
    Have a great week.

    Sandie xx

  2. your pig arks looked very good. No wonder they brought a good price

  3. The sale looks like good fun!

    Those arks look really special all lined up and 'pigless'. Something very intriguing about them.

    It's a real shame to hear about your farmers market. They started one in my home town and it literally lasted about 5 weeks! A real shame.

    Wish you bought some geese for further blogging though ;0)

  4. Hope you can gain support for the Farmers' Market Sue.

    Shame Boot Sales can't go on all year through too.

    Sft x

  5. Well done on your sale:) How sad to hear that the Farmers Market may have to close. I do hope the locals get behind you. I was surprised to see swans for sale though. xx

  6. a farmers market has opened up down the road from us. I have only been the once, as I found it very expensive, which is such a shame. However I think it will continue to grow so that is good.

    Glad you got a good price for your arks.

    Gill in Canada

  7. Great news that you sold all your arks Sue! What a shame the locals don't support the farmers market, there is a lack of them close to us which really surprises me. The nearest is held on a Friday, which isn't really much good for Mon - Fri workers. Our nearest farm shop is 25 minutes away but not very big, there is a one which sells 'organic' meat about 40 minutes away which is currently having a huge extension built. I'm looking forward to seeing it when it has finished.

    Hope the chickens enjoyed their freedom :-)

  8. the pig arks look so good I'm not surprised they sold well- Wimpey Homes should take some tips!

    I've never seen swans for sale before, are there many different breeds of swans than those we see gliding on the river? I guess you'd have to have a lot of water to keep some...and a very long broom if they're anything like geese!

    Have a good week Sue

  9. Oh for enough land to get some alpaca!

    How can you sell swans? I thought they were all owned by the queen!


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