Saturday 17 September 2011

Off to the sale.....

Homemade jam with toast, a lovely cup of coffee and then we're off to the sale.

The Smallholders Sale in Thame is on today and yesterday Lovely Hubby worked like a Trojan (did they work hard?)....delivering all five of our pig arks to the sale ground one at a time.  Loading and unloading the heavy great hunks of pig house mostly by himself.

Today he can stand back and see what they sell for, lets hope it was all worth it.

I think I'll take my camera and you can come too!!

Sue xx


  1. Looking forward to the pics. My aunt used to say people worked 'like the gnomes of Zurich', whatever that means....but your hubby is MUCH taller than them!
    Jane x

  2. I hope they made you a lot of money....


  3. Sue, I hope the sale went well, looking forward to seeing the pictures.


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