Sunday 4 September 2011

Final Car Boot of the Summer

Well we've just got back from what should be the final car boot of the season that we can get too.  All our other weekends in September are taken up with family matters or Farmers Markets, so I doubt we will get another one in this year.

We had a really good morning arriving at 7.25 in the warm early morning sunshine, we unpacked and quickly got selling.  As we have been doing lots of sorting out there was a good mix of things to sell and they buyers were brisk and happy to part with their money.  We always keep prices very reasonable and sensible, after all we are there to get rid of things not to compete with Harrods, like some folk seem to do.

After a couple of hours the rain clouds blew in, and after one or two minor showers the heavens opened properly at 10am, so we swiftly covered everything up with a tarpaulin, during a lull in the rain we packed up the few things that would be useful as a starter for our next car boot sale and then bagged up the rest of the good stuff for the Charity shop banks at the supermarket. 

We made £98 60, a good boost for the bank balance and once home I decided to work out how much we have made this season at the Boot sales (our first one was in April).  It is a grand total of £1,154.80, all extra money into the house, meaning we haven't had to take any money out of the bank for extra jobs around the farm (parts for the tractor etc), it also shows that you don't need as much 'stuff' around the house as you think you do, we haven't missed anything that we've sold. 

I will continue to sort and if the weather allows it we may get one more in during October to keep our Year of Living Simply moving forward.  In the meantime I have a couple of things that I'm going to pop on Ebay this week. 

The 'How Low Can You Go' Challenge begins in earnest tomorrow and I will do a post about bottling your excess tomatoes as sauces for Winter as I have had quite a few lovely folk asking how I do it.

Sue xx


  1. Wow! Sue that is a brilliant amount from Car Booting!

    Do you have a link to your outline of a year of living simply so I can read your annual plan?

    You're such an inspiration to me.

    Sft x

  2. I am waiting with bated breath for tomorrow's post now you have told us that it will be about bottling the sauce! I have the tomatoes picked already - how fortuitous!!
    Well done today at the car boot sale - our local one was a washout this morning so I was glad we didn't go.

  3. Sue, well done with the car boot money, that's a nice little slice of extra to keep you away from the savings. Brilliat!

  4. Wow, I am going to show this pot to james. i have been on at him all summer about having a bootsale to add to our savings for a mortgage, each time he laughs at me and says "what good will that do, that won't help us" this should proove him wrong. I can't believe how much you have made, that is more then a months wages for me and I'm sure like yourself I won't miss what I am selling, I'd happily welcome the money though :) xxxx


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