Monday 12 September 2011

Monday News

The second batch of Damson Gin is now steeping away in the kitchen being stirred (and sniffed.....mmm.....lovely!) everyday.

I was going to forage for some blackberries, but I think I'll leave it this year, there is not enough for me and the birds and I have three jars of Bramble Jam over from last year that will do us for the Winter.

Somebody got her self accidently shut in the utility room yesterday, so she made herself at home, ate most of the cats dinners and then tucked herself up in Tobys' bed.  It's a good job she's a Jack Russell and not a Great Dane!!

Sue xx


  1. Clever resourceful dog! She looks quite at home in the bed there.

    Think most of the fruit will be blown off the trees round here today, got to get some heavy boots on so I don't get blown across the fields with George shortly.

    Damson gin looks good, hope to get some damsons next weekend at the market, one of the girls has a good fruiting tree and brings any surplus fruit with her.

    Take care
    Sarah x

  2. We have to be careful with the wardrobes, if any of the cats see the door open they are in there like a shot. Often we have heard scratching and found one of them in there, it's okay for them while they are asleep but then they wake up and see their folly. lol

    We made sloe Gin one year, it was delicious.


  3. our cat climbs in the drawers under the beds if left open, or behind them - so occasionally gets squished!

  4. We have 4 dogs - they have their own room, which they get shut in when we go out - but Monty (a greyhound) creeps round so quietly, we sometimes don't realise he is tucked away in the lounge sleeping if we are in a rush, and shut him out of the room so we come home to him standing in the hallway looking bemused!

    Sam x

  5. Aaah she looks so comfy! One of our cats always nips into the pantry when I'm not looking then we hear scratching on the doors and a pitiful meow.
    Jane x

  6. Oh the joys of having a pet :)

    I'm envious of your damsons, I've never seen any yet. I did however find some sloe berries in North Wales recently and coudln't help by forage some. I've left it at my mothers home in Wales in the freezer for when I move down, then i hope to make some proper sloe gin, as last year my sloe findings were measly.

  7. Sue, I have been reading your blog for probably two years; I found it through Sian's "Life on a Small Island" blog. Your adventures and experiences are so inspiring to me and I've enjoyed reading all about them and your family. I admire your attitude, your energy, your plans and dreams. Thank you for sharing your life with me and your other readers. I can't quite figure out how to leave my note except as "Anonymous" but I'm Louise from Seattle, WA, USA.


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