Friday 2 September 2011

Rules of the Challenge

The rules are so simple.

1.  Use up all the food in the cupboards, fridges, freezers  and Kitchen Garden before buying other stuff.

2. I have £20 emergency money each week to replace fresh things (milk, bread etc).

3.  Enjoy what we have, make the most of it. 

4.  Don't see this a chore, enjoy the downscaling.

5.  Don't worry if the rules get broken from time to time....I'm only human....honest!!

6.  Take photos of all the same cupboards, fridges etc at the end of the month for comparison.

7.  Place in a pot any money over at the end of each week and use it to buy a treat at the end of the challenge.

Why is is called How Low Can you Go......because I want to see how little we really need to live comfortably and happily, so it's how low can stocks go and how low can the spending go .

During the challenge, I'll post about the foods we eat, the concoctions we come up with and some thrify tips that I use on a day to day basis, learnt mainly from my previous life when every penny really did count.  Join me on this journey, I may need some tips myself when we get to the more obscure packets and packages at the back of the cupboard!!

Sue xx


  1. These last two posts have been brilliant - please may I put a link to them on my Thrifty Thursdays ??
    blessings x

  2. This is something I have wanted to do for some time, with your inspiration I will start today.

    Thank you so much xxxx

  3. Angela - of course you can link to the posts on your Thrifty Thursday, it will be nice to be involved.

    Amanda - Good luck, and have fun. I wonder what strange meals we will be having towards the end of the challenge when the cupboards are nearly bare?

    Sue xx

  4. I can remember living like this out of necessity when we were first married. Now I always have things in the cupboards. Living where we do, it's just not practical to get to bare cupboards....but I'm going to enjoy seeing everyone else's challenges!
    Jane x

  5. Its fine if you've got enough in there to actually make a meal. my freezer's quite low and so are my cupboards, protein wise! I could certainly do it if I lived alone, as I'm veggie but husband tends to eat a lot.

  6. Hi there Sue, I feel that we must have met in an earlier life we are so similar and froogs aswell! My cupboards and freezers are full because like you there have been times when the cupboard was bare so I feel this need to always have the means to create a meal be it egg and chips. !!!!

  7. We don't have a full freezer (having oome to end of school holidays) but I can still use up the cans/tins and baking ingredients that are sitting idle in my cupboard. really looking forward to your tips - thankyou.

  8. i'm all for this! I'm also encouraging people to have a good clear out and take 'in date' food to the local food bank - i had 10 bags of pasta! now i just have one, i had four boxes of bran flakes, now I have one!

  9. Sue- you are just what I need this year! TOO delighted to find you!

  10. I will be following, as are a real inspiration. x

  11. Sue - thanks for joining us on Thursdays- Iknow people are going to love your thrifty posts.

  12. Hi

    I've been reading lots of your back posts and am intrigued by the jars of tomato and garlic sauce. Can you write some more details please. Do you use ordinary jars (recycled) or kilner type jars? Do you process in a saucepan type water bath or in the oven...? Please can you write a post giving more details.

    I now bottle apples using small recycled jam jars and a water bath in my biggest saucepan and have found this very successful. I'd like to expand my skills here.

    thank you!

    Jo - smallholderwannabe - blogger won't let me publish my comment as me

    3 September 2011 11:32


    I have been copying your challenge , thanks for the inspiration


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