Tuesday 13 September 2011

Food Diary

These are some of my lovely red Chillis from the polytunnel soaking in oil.

  I don't really keep them on top of the fridge, I put them there for the photo, it was so dark in the kitchen the other day, I needed some light, luckily the sun came out just as I was taking the shot and lit them up beautifully.  I simply give the jar a little swirl every couple of days, and then pop it back in the dark cupboard then in a few weeks I'll decant the oil into another jar ready for use.  In the meantime if I need a chilli I simply take one out and use it.

It saves on buying expensive ready flavoured oils.

If you are following my 'How Low Can you Go' food challenge, and you are wondering how it is going on a daily basis you may want to nip by my Food Diary blog occasionally.  On it I simply list what we have for each meal and where it comes from.  It was simply started for my own benefit, as I find it easier than keeping a notebook, but you're welcome to take a peek.

I'm not running it as a 'proper' Blog, so there are no comments or 'followers' and not many pictures.  If you do want to ask me anything you can do so via the comments on this Blog.

CLICK HERE to get there.

Sue xx


  1. your first week went well , we have strated working our way through a freezer too .......i still have rhubarb and rasps in there from last year :(

  2. Sue, the chillis look lovely, too nice to eat! I like your other blog just keeping a record, what a geat idea x

  3. Don't worry Mrs Squirrel....I still have jars of stuff from September 2009 in the cupboard!!

    It's a good test of our preservation techniques and quality control....well that's my excuse!

    Sue xx

  4. I hate to say it - but be very, very careful with that. The oil of course is fine, but you can get botulism from keeping things in oil and then eating them.


  5. Definately look too nice to eat Sue!

    We need to start preserving ours over the coming days

    Martin :0)


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