Friday 20 May 2011

My New Book

This week my brand new book arrived from Amazon, as soon as I knew Nick Coffer of 'My Daddy Cooks' Blog was bringing out his very own book I put in my pre-order and waited with baited breath for my very own copy.
If you ever visited his Blog you will know the unique 'selling point' of it. He has little videos of him and his gorgeously cute son Archie cooking together in the tiny kitchen of their house. It grabbed my attention from the very beginning. Word obviously spread far and wide, and now he has his own radio show, has appeared at many foodie venues and has made numerous appearances recently on television publicising the new book.
And NOW we know where Archie gets his wonderful curly hair from, this is a photo of Nick with his grandad, sporting exactly the same hairdo!! ~ The book is full of really easy recipes suitable for cooking whether or not you have your own little Archie to help. I know I'm going to be having a go at quite a few of them very soon. ~ Sue xx

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