Thursday, 5 May 2011

Live Below the Line - Day 5 - Final Day

Well here it final day, how do I feel......STODGY would be the only word to describe it!


Yesterdays Spend

Breakfast - 2 Oaty Scones - 11p

Coffees for the day - 32p

Lunch leftover pasta from Day 2 - 0p

2 Pancakes with Lemon Curd - 5p

Snack - 2 meringues - the last two a bit soft and yuk!! - 0p

Tea - 4 'spring rolls' containing 1/2 carrot and 1/2 an onion and a radish with Curry Sauce

and 100g Rice - 13p

Total Spend - 61p


Lunch - Reheated Pasta from Day 2 - surprisingly good. ~

Tea - 4 Spring Rolls made with my Batter Mix and 1 egg, filled with carrot, onion and radish on a bed of rice - looks good, tasted good, but left me feeling stodgy and miserable. I only ate half. ~

Ice cold tap water, my saviour this week. I've grown used to the taste, but I still prefer my Sparkling Water. ~

Today I will be seeing what I can make out of what is left. ~ What am I missing most is fresh I will be picking some of my salad leaves and a couple of radishes and making myself a couple of salad buns for lunch. For breakfast I have just had a nice big bowl of porridge, it's lovely and creamy if you leave it to soak overnight even if you do make it half and half with milk and water. ~

Lots to do on the farm today, so I will have to love you and leave you. ~

Sue xx


  1. well I feel stodgy just from reading the menu all this week, so you must REALLY feel it from eating it!
    Fresh fruit and veg do give you that lovely energised feeling don't they?

    So SO well done for sticking to the plan and finding such inventive meals.

    How's Molly?

  2. Well done Sue, I am amazed as to how many different meals you have made with the few ingredients to hand. I am looking forward to fresh veg on your behalf just from reading about it!
    Take care
    Sarah x

  3. Could you imagine having to eat like this always?
    Makes me feel so grateful.
    Jane x

  4. well done on reaching the end , hope you raised lots of money for this worthy cause

  5. Sue you've done so well! Also completely in envy of your 5p curry sauce. I'll be doing my week starting on the 16th, you've given me some fantastic ideas and here's to hoping I survive (:

  6. Well done Sue!

    Not long now.

    What are you going to indulge in when you finish?

    Sft x


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