Tuesday 10 May 2011

Things are growing......

Everywhere around the farm things are growing.
Yesterday, I weeded two of the beds that I had dug over earlier in the year and pulled out the few straggley potato plants that had erupted from potatoes left in the ground by accident last year. I would have left them to grow, indeed in some beds I have left stragglers to grow on, but this space is needed for my Brocolli plants which are ready to come out of the polytunnel. When I weeded I found all these potatoes, mostly small but with a couple of healthy sized ones, why didn't I think to do this last week, potatoes would have been an excellent addition to my meagre rations.
~ The strawberry tub, and all the plants on the ground around it are flowering and showing the promise of fruits to come. I have a couple of strawberries turning red on the planter in the polytunnel that should be ready for eating by tonight.....mmm...yummy!

The carrots and celery are doing well.


I love this tray of Romaine Lettuce, all bright, green and strong. We both love Ceasar Salad so we will be very happy in a week or two when these are a little larger. ~

In this bed there are Spring Onions, Radish (Scabious and Box...not edible) and in the right hand side bed there are onions and carrots, we planted the carrots in amongst the onions while we were filming 'Escape to the Country' to demonstrate companion planting. ~

~ Two little rows of Cauliflower. I do love the beds when they are first planted, all regimented in their little lines before things go wild in the heat of the polytunnel. ~

My Brocolli seedlings waiting to be planted outside later today, and in the left hand bed the first planting of mixed Salad Leaves and Lettuces, the Mixed Leaves are about to go over now but they have replacements waiting in the wings, so for once there will be no gap. At the back are my Kiwi plants in full leaf and showing signs of buds, this could be the first year for fruits, fingers crossed.

~ It's so nice that we have so much growing again. We have been eating the Mixed Leaves and Radish since March, we have just finished off the last few Leeks and Carrots that overwintered in the polytunnel and the tyres and I'm really pleased that for the first time we have been eating our own produce right through the year. This year I want to do a bit better and see if I can get more things to last through the coldest leanest months of the year.

~ Now it's 7.30 and time to go and feed the piggies, they are slowly emerging from their arks one by one to be greeted by this lovely early morning sun. The day looks promising with the early morning mist already burnt off by the increasing warmth of the sun, the chickens have been up and scratching about since 5.45am enjoying the cool of the morning before they retire from the heat of the sun to their favourite spot under the shady trees of Chicken World. ~

Time I joined them all outside I think. Enjoy your day. ~ Sue xx


  1. ohh what a lovely post on whats a real wet windy day here in The Lakes..just took son to school and the car door nearly blew off!..dog been walked so off to mums to do a spot of cleaning for her (she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last week so we are all still in shock with the news )so appointments to be made whilst trying to keep some normality to the days...have a super day yourself x

  2. Perfect scenes of industry there Sue.

    But why do leftover spuds do better, quicker than the pampered planned sort? I also have a magnificent chard plant growing right under an evergreen hedge! Doesn't seem quite fair somehow...

  3. What a great looking collection of edibles there Sue. Lots of hard work paying off in the most delicious way!
    Best wishes to Jackanne and her Mum x
    Take care
    Sarah x

  4. Oh wow - everything looks so healthy! And what a fab bonus discovering those small potatoes! Wish we had room for a poly tunnel - all the stuff you have in there looks to be growing at a rate of knots!

  5. Please don't scare me again, your kiwi plants were growing well, gosh I thought it can't be legal to grow us in soil , then I thought kiwi birds that's what she's planted and that's not right either, our national symbol, then I got it, kiwifruit.I hope you have success the little dears wont grow down here, they like the warmth of the North.


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