Wednesday 4 May 2011

What's left in the Larder?

The remains of my food stash.
My poor carrot looks a little worse for wear now, after comparing it to Sundays photo!
In the 'Fresh' department I have
1 Carrot
1.3 Onions
4 Eggs
Approx 2 pints Milk
1/4 Jar of Homemade Mayo
Approx 1/4 block of Butter
3 Bread Rolls (in the freezer)
In the Dried and Packet department I have
750g Pasta (I think I overspent there...I could have saved 9p)
Approx 800g Rice
200g Scone Mix
100g Oats
3/4 Jar of Coffee
2/3 Jar of Lemon Curd
2/3 Jar of Bramble Jam
1 Jar of Curry Sauce
1 Jar of Homemade Pasta Sauce
Most of the Dried Cheese (it's not very nice really)
1/2 Bottle of Olive Oil
All of the Stock Cubes
I actually think I am going to survive this, without going too hungry, but that is only because of experience and learning the hard way. If you're wondering why the Batter Mix is not on this list, I made it up for my lunch (I also used one of the eggs that are in the picture). I had some leftover Pasta (cooked the other night) and then a thick pancake with Lemon Curd for pud. The other 4 pancakes are in the fridge waiting to be turned into Veggie Wraps for my tea....I hope it works the idea is good!
Back tomorrow with the costings for today. Enjoy the sunshine - IT'S FREE!!
Sue xx


  1. I have been watching this with interest - I was unable to participate in the challenge, but I am really impressed by your commitment- and also your supportive OH's part in it too!
    Well done!!

  2. I agree you've done brilliantly Sue!

    I think your experience as a cook has certainly helped.

    Sft x

  3. a cook. One thing I have never been is a cook, although I do try my best :-).

    The reason I can do this is that I lived 'below the line' for years and had to learn the hard way to feed my family with very little food in the house.

    Sue xx


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