Tuesday 18 January 2011


Yes , you have a shot of the tractor, for no other reason than my lovely grandson wanted to see it. He calls it Nana Sue's tractor (shh...don't tell Lovely Hubby). So, just for you Kyle.
and another...
~and with its plough attached,

and then with fence-post knocker attached, and the blue thing at the back is the 'Topper'.

(It's a John Deere 3130 for all those tractor enthusiasts out there.)
The other reason you have got them is that my camera is playing up....shock horror, how can a Blogger function without a digital camera and I really needed it on the doggy walk this morning as well. The ditch that runs alongside our track was being worked on last week and lots of trees and bushes were cut down, well, guess what.....after two nights of torrential rain the ditch has been breached and where they had left channels the water has flowed through filling the track as well as the ditch. So now we have a river!!
Good job LH was a sailor, he somehow managed to get through to go to work this morning, but I may have to go in the 4 x 4 to pick him up from our landlords farm later if the water continues to rise.
Hopefully it won't as the sun has come out and is making this soggy world look much more appealing. I'm in the polytunnel today keeping the Pekins company as I tidy the beds and ready some seed trays for planting.......(oooh itchy green fingers!!).
Sue xx


  1. You have just made a John Deere girl very happy!
    I swoon at JDs...the bigger the better....I want a tractor like yours!!
    Jane x

  2. Hi Sue,

    Am *trying* to summon up tractor enthusiasm but it's not happening yet....!

    I have just written about you over on my blog - along with a resolution to read more blogs again.

    So here I am. Starting now.

    Hope you are well - love the new vegetarian farmer thing and your recent decisions and so on. Good stuff.

    Love Charlotte


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