Sunday 23 January 2011

A Nice New Home for Monty

We are so pleased tonight, we have delivered Monty to his new home and it's wonderful. He has two new wives, Welsh Saddlebacks that are similar in size and colouring to him, but have longer faces and black rear ends.
~ When he first arrived with us at six months of age. ~
He settled in well and exerted his authority in the nicest way possible by just standing his ground when they tried to bully him. So we sleep easy tonight knowing he is warm and cosy living in a barn with his girls.
Sue xx


  1. AAaaawww the little sweetie :0)
    Good luck Monty! Have fun!

  2. Ahhh it is sad to see monty go but good to know that he has gone to a good home. At least now you can rest assured and not feel too rushed off your feet while LH is not around to help much in on all the farm duties :) xxx

  3. Monty the polygamous pig :)


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