Monday 24 January 2011

Question and Giveaway

Large Blacks - Our New Life in the Country
A question for all my Lovely readers.......should I merge my two Blogs. Would it make life easier to read everything in one place or do most of you like it as it is.
~Herbs - The Vegetarian Farmer ~
Separate farming and foodie talk or merge the two together, I'm asking now because as the growing season is almost upon us the two are going to overlap lots, especially as this year I'm growing most of what we eat!!
~The Onion Harvest - Our New Life in the Country
So would you find it more enjoyable to be reading about everything all in one place or do you like to dip between the two? Have you been reading one and not the other or do you read both?
~ The Challenge - The Vegetarian Farmer
Help....your input would be greatly appreciated, so I have decided to do a vote and whatever you decide will be the way forward.
Iris and Fern - Our New Life in the Country
To make it a little bit more interesting and to thank you for taking the time to leave a comment (and for reading the Blogs) I will turn it into a giveaway. A little box of goodies from the farm will go to the name drawn out of the hat at the end of the week, (I promise no livestock will be travelling through the post!!).

The Homemade Store cupboard - The Vegetarian Farmer


The Blog future is in your hands - no pressure then!!

Thank you

Sue xx


  1. hi sue :)

    I read both, although only this one is on my blog roll, after i have read a new post in here i just click on the link at the top to ur other blog.
    personally i think you should merge them, you are right in that there will be a lot of cross over, especially as you are veggie there will be a lot of your diet comming from the garden which will be discussed on here :)
    besides, your life doesn't need to be compartmentalised :)

  2. I reckon join them up. Life is life, and decisions you make about one aspect impact on other areas, so I think it would make sense to have just one place where it can be mooted.

  3. Hi I reckon - merge the two.
    I would love to enter the giveaway
    Sue x

  4. I agree - combine them. It's interesting to see what you grow and then what you do with it.
    Jak x

  5. I think it would be a good idea to merge them too.

  6. I would also merge them, even though I read both.


  7. I am new to this but I agree with all above. I would merge them.

    Sue T x

  8. I do read both blogs Sue, but I notice that you don't appear to get so many on your Vegetarian blog, so it would make sense to combine the two. However, I love to read about your farming exploits, especially as you are fairly new to it, so personally I like to read BOTH your blogs. So - Keep them separate please. Ann x

  9. I think merging the two is a very practical solution and it would be time saving for your followers too!
    Go for it Gal!
    Love the chicks BTW, espwcially their little fluffy feet!

    Sandie xx

  10. O go on merge them..they are both great..but i think with the growing season taking off your going to be very busy and may not have time to do both..besides food and farming go hand in to the chicks..and piggies..

  11. At the risk of sounding boring...merge the two.
    I sometimes forget that there is another blog in that would save my sad old brain!
    Jane x

  12. One for all and all for one?

  13. Hi Sue
    I say merge the two, it would make it easier for you and you'll be a busy bee over the next few months x

  14. TBH I didn't realise you had another blog so combining would get me reading both!!

    Rosie x

  15. Oh and for a mo I thought Iris & Fern were the giveaway ! Merge I think. I have two blogs & have put one on hold for now. Mine are totally different from each other but I think you would benefit from joining yours.

  16. I only read this blog, as I haven't yet got round to checking the other one out yet, however I would say merge the 2 together. It would save you so much time and if the 2 are going to be overlapping then it seems silly to write 2 seperate posts on the same thing, plus I do miss reading some of your more foody posts, I really enjoy them.
    Honestly though I say go with your heart, what ever you think is best and what ever would make your life easier :)

  17. I think it would probably help YOU to merge them both, but I personally love reading BOTH the blogs, and like the fact that they're kept seperate..
    I think the 'merge both' crowd is winning at the mo though! LOL :0)

    Have a great week Sue..

    P.s. ...A point for...
    There aren't many Vegetarian farmers....:0)

  18. Hello Sue :)
    Without reading any of the other comments (am so crap at knowing my own mind and very easily swayed) I would prefer one blog... Nice and simple... therefore more chance I will stay up to date... In theory anyway.
    I wish you WOULD send some chicks... then Mike couldn't say no and I'd finally have some!
    Not sure what Humphrey would say...
    Love Charlotte

  19. I think you should merge the 2 easier for you and only one blogg to check for us

  20. I say-MERGE! Go for it Sue, its all really interesting, so im sure if someone follows one, they'd like to read about the other?
    Lots of love, Kirsty xoxo

  21. Aw, I would love to see the postman trying to deliver me some livestock!
    I reckon merging would be good as it would be easier for you and you wouldn't have to worry about overlaps. the two topics do go very much hand in hand.
    Karen S
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  22. I hadn't really taken in the other blog and whatever you decide I will try and read both from now on so I suppose that backs the merge camp which seems to be winning by a landslide currently. I think there is a place for separating things if they are quite different subjects but in a way yours are quite interconnected.

  23. Hi Sue, I read both blogs and thoroughly enjoy them. But it would probably be easier for you to combine the two, especially as you say, they will cross over more and more. Just don't forget to keep showing us your lovely food x

  24. I love your blog, I learn so much and your pictures are so full of life, fun and information too. I read this blog and not the other (just sheer laziness) so my vote would be to merge them...yet you do as you enjoy and whatever would help you I am sure you have much to do. Thank you.

  25. You probably can guess what I will say-same as the others!
    Btw-love the black piglets!

  26. I'd say merge them as well :-)

  27. I am also going with the above trend - merge! The farm is such a huge part of your life and lifestyle it makes sense.
    Hope all is well
    Take care
    Sarah x


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