Friday 21 January 2011

Moving day for the Kune Kunes

This picture was taken before they got muddy, they've been black all week this week after digging in the mud.
Today we are (hopefully) moving the Kune Kunes to the comfort of the wood store in the barn. Their little patch of England has turned into a mud bath and I am not able to be in with them as much as I would like to because of this. ~
So if it all goes well tonight they should be sleeping indoors and have a new better draining play area outside......first comes the difficult bit...... have you ever tried walking three little pigs past lots of grass when they haven't had any to eat for ages!!
~'s still cold here!
Sue xx


  1. Yes I have tried that! It makes me anxious just to think about it.

    Those (beautiful) 'primitive' pigs are not docile and easily led. Good luck!

  2. Only tried making one boar go in the right direction and that was hard enough, never mind three! Good luck!

  3. The growth rate of the "little" pigs is incredible!!
    Jane x

  4. Have fun with the pigly moving - it can be quite difficult!

    The poly tunnel is looking great, you have been working hard.

  5. They are so cute - always wanted Kune Kunes!

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