Monday 10 January 2011

Piglets Progress

The piglets are doing well and Maud is proving to be an extremely attentive mother. Sadly the little runt, named Minnie, died on Saturday morning after a valiant effort by Lovely Hubby to keep her alive. He spent two sleepless nights bottle feeding her and making sure she was kept warm all the time, but obviously it was not meant to be. He is, however, glad he gave her a fighting chance.
The rest are doing fine and huddle together like this in the back corner of the ark whenever Mum goes out for her feed. They are a delightful mix of their parents with their Mums' pink colouring but the black of their father on their rear ends (and eyebrows in a couple of instances). Gorgeous sturdy little babies, and they were even playing out briefly yesterday in the weak winter sunshine.
It has brought me to the realisation though, that I am struggling to reconcile breeding pigs for sale, and vegetarianism. We are in the process of re-evaluating where we go from here.
Sue xx


  1. Same reason as we do not have any chickens as pets.We are vegan and keeping "farm" animals as pets would make us part of the male chicks being killed so that female chicks can be sold for egg production and breeding. Not getting on my soapbox here(and certainly not judging anyone else), it is our decision to be vegan and all that it entails. Just thought I would share!
    Jane x

  2. Photo is beyond precious .....

  3. Don't you just want to give them a big cuddle. RIP little Minnie and well done to Lovely Hubby for trying x

  4. Hi SUe,

    Sorry to hear about the runt, but that's how it goes down on the farm I guess!

    Vanessa x

  5. Oh they look just gorgeous Sue :0)
    Don't you just want to cuddle them all the time?

    Sue, you CAN do both you know.
    It's your choice. Think about what your reasons are for going vegetarian....
    We were strict veggies for about seven years, had a totally whole food diet -cooked everything from scratch - even made our own soya milk, then the children came along...and I didn't have time or energy to do it all from scratch, but I knew that unless I did they wouldn't eat properly, as you can't live on 'meat substitutes' you need lentils, pulses, soya etc.., so we made the decision to eat fish.
    Now we didn't give meat up for cruelty purposes, it was because we thought it wasn't needed in our diet (this is cutting a very long story short
    although I have to say I don't like some of the animal breeding industry).
    But yours and many other peoples farms are different.
    Your animals are loved and well cared for.
    It makes all the difference Sue :)
    Sorry it's such a long comment.
    Take care
    Donna x

  6. Thank you for all these comments.

    Sue xx


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