Tuesday 4 January 2011

Expectant Mum

Anyone who's been pregnant will sympathise with Maud. She has just one day to go until the arrival of her babies and she is HUGE! She can't lie on her tummy and watch the world go by from the doorway of her ark as she loves to do. She struggles to get comfy on her side, then just as she does she has to get up and answer the call of nature outside the ark.
Today she is not quite as muddy as in these pictures taken yesterday evening when she had been sorting through the mud pile in her enclosure ......don't ask! If pregnant women can do strange things I see no reason why a pregnant pig can't, and it's important to have your mud arranged just right!! Once she'd built her nest in the ark out of straw, packed at the sides to keep out draughts and loose in the middle to make it soft, she obviously felt the urge to tidy the mud!!

And it must be so frustrating to have your slim sister living just over the fence!!

Hopefully she will be much happier tomorrow. I'll keep you informed.

Sue xx


  1. Oh my ... wishing mom and new piglets the best. Can't wait for photos .

  2. oh what a lovely story, I sooo love piggies! I will become your newest follower, that way I can keep an eye on the dear girl!!!

  3. ooh cant wait to 'meet' the piglets
    I have new calendar in the kitchen with different pig pictures every month !
    Sue x

  4. Go Maud!

    I hope it all goes well and cannot wait to see the results. I'm guessing seven piglets... Although if she's building a secondary nest, it may be more!!

  5. AAAhhhh she is so sweet! Looking forward to pigletty pics!
    Jane x

  6. What exciting times you always seem to have Sue. Good luck with the new piggies, can't wait to see them. Hope you are not up ALL night!! Ann x

  7. These pig's certainly like to keep you busy. I hope everything goes well with the birth and that Mummy and Piglets will all be safe and well. I look forward to hearing more and seeing the photos. Much love xxx

  8. Wow i will never complain about being huge when pregnant ever again...hope all goes well for her the babies and you...

  9. Can't wait to hear the news and see the piccies. I hope everything goes well.
    Jak x


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