Wednesday 26 January 2011

And The Winner is...

Mauds piglets - three weeks old tomorrow.
Well thank you, really thank you SO much. Your help is really appreciated. Nearly all the comments were in favour of merging the two Blogs together. So as well as possible simplifying my life somewhat (very apt considering our aims for this year) it should speed up posting each day. And will also make for more varied posts.
I have taken on board what some of you have said about not wanting to miss out on the foody side of things, but I think that will be appearing all the more as I get back into the full swing of the growing season, my Storecupboard Challenge will continue as long as the stores last, and of course you'll still get all the farming talk and lovely animal pictures.
And as a thank you to you all taking the time to leave comments there was the Giveaway. So in time honoured tradition, I folded up slips of paper and did it the old fashioned way and the winner was......... Gem,
she has a blog of her own Dreams of a Life in the Country with almost the same name as mine - what a coincidence. It would seem I have what you are dreaming about (do you really want this much mud?), so if you can get in touch with me via email (address on the sidebar) I can send you your little thank you parcel.

The only one that looked up when the flash went off!!


A big thank you to everyone who took the time to leave a comment it made for very interesting reading, and it helped me enormously with making the final decision.

Sue xx


  1. Congrats , Gem!
    fab...more piggy it!
    Jane x

  2. Congratulations Gem!
    Pleased you got it sorted out :0)

  3. Congratulations to gem..sue glad you will combine both much easier to follow..awww sooo cute those babies...

  4. Wow I won, I hardly ever win anything. Thanks ever so much Sue, and thank you everyone for your messages :)
    I am loving the piggy pictures, they are just sooo cute.
    Glad you have come to a decision, it makes sense to have it all in one place and hopefully it should save you some more time xxx

  5. Yay... simple is best!

    Love Maud's babies Sue. Can you actually pick them up and cuddle them (stupid question from someone who knows nothing about pigs maybe). They look very cuddle-able.

    More and more as time goes on I am going off meat. Mike is going to go mad but I think I am nearly there on the vegetarian thing.

    No go on the chickens I'm afraid. I tried and tried. Quite fed up about it actually... is my home too etc etc etc.

    We may move this year - he wants something with land to grow trees for his cider. IF that happens, there will be chickens for sure. It's my only request...

    Love Charlotte


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