Thursday 20 January 2011

Ready for action...

Well the polytunnel's ready for action....and so am I.
Now all I need now is slightly warmer temperatures and longer days.
The good news is that the days are lengthening noticably, well to someone who hears the cockerels crowing earlier and earlier each day and puts the chickens to bed before starting on the evening meal each night it's noticable. It might only be by a couple of minutes each day but it's so nice at last to think that Spring is on the way. ~
The Pekins are nice and cosy in their Eglu in the polytunnel, it's been good to have some company in there while I've been tidying and weeding, although they might not be such fans of my out of tune singing along to the radio. Poor birds!! ~
~ Cabbages over from last year, I'm letting them grow on to see if I get anything worth eating from them, if we don't it doesn't matter, they've been a good source of food for the little creatures that inhabit the polytunnel when I'm not there. Share and share alike is my motto, and anything that fills and warms a little tummy in this frosty weather is a good thing....who ever that little tummy belongs to. ~
This tray of chives surprised me, I was just about to throw away what I thought was a tray of dead plants when lo and behold it had sprung back to life. Just what we need, proof that the growing season is almost upon us.
I'm having a quiet day to day. The orchard where the pigs are living is a death trap with a thick layer of ice that cracks just as you put your full weight on it and sends you down into thick sticky mud that refuses to reliquish it's grip on your wellies until the last possible moment, so getting water and food to them this morning has completely wiped me out. So it's going to be a day of catching up with Blogs and spot of housework before I tackle the mud again this afternoon, hopefully by then most of the ice will have melted in the weak January sunshine that we have today.
Have a good day wherever you are.
Sue xx


  1. It's great to see living gowing things..we still have along way to go...
    Jane x

  2. your blog is a great example of the circle of life...I can't believe it's a year since you were getting things ready in the polytunnel !

  3. Oh Sue - the Deathtrap Pig Orchard sounds like a horror film! You are right - we have turned a corner haven't we and spring is a-coming. Humph was in his run again today :)


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