Thursday 2 December 2010

Thank goodness for the Aga.....

The farm is lightly dusted with snow at the moment, but it's blowing in horizontally and has been since six this morning, so how much we'll have by the end of the day is anybodys guess. Under the snow is a layer of ice, wonderful when you're carrying buckets of hot water to thaw out troughs.
~ The Aga is doing a stirling job of warming all the water for the large storage tanks in the house, we're using so much at the moment, every pig trough and all the chickens water hoppers needed thawing and filling twice yesterday, hot baths are definitely the order of the evening, and when you add that she dries all our many layers of clothes between feeding sessions you realise what a valuable, and necessary piece of farm equipment this is. ~ ~ The warmest folk on the farm are the chicks, firmly ensconced behind the closed spare bedroom door, away from cats and a certain little Jack Russell dog, they have their very own glowing red sun to keep them nice and toasty. ~ And when I turn it briefly off to get a good photo of them, the look on their little faces is very comical. ~ As you can see they have just started getting their proper little wing feathers and they have learned to preen themselves and keep themselves nice and clean. ~ For me.....warmth is a lovely mug of soup with a bit of dunkable bread (I don't eat THAT much bread, but I have two dogs that like to share a piece when I've finished.) ~ Keep warm and cosy wherever you are. ~ Sue xx


  1. Hi..glad you feel a bit better..i am envious of your aga..we have about 4" of snow and more to come..that wind is freezing...the girls will be pleased to see the chicks are growing and doing well...
    please take care

  2. Hi Sue!
    What a lovely post, look at your little chicks!
    A raptor killed a chicken of ours last sad! But that's nature, isn't it?
    I hope you could stay warm today,

  3. Those chicks are so adorable! Love your AGA..I dream of owning day maybe. Bella always gets a little bit of my breakfast toast.
    I had a bowl of leek and potato soup when I came back from walking her across the snowy fields today..perfect for thawing out those fingers and toes! :0)

  4. Assess the chicks are as gorgeous as ever!

  5. Auto correct doesn't recognise awwwwwwwwwww

  6. It must be a huge job filling the water bowls - I only have to think of one dog, four hens & the wild birds & it's enough !
    The hens were so funny yesterday & wouldn't put one step into the snow - they were braver today ... under the trampoline where there was no snow !

  7. Bless those little chicks, i bet your house is super cosy!
    I love soup, its soup weather for sure!


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