Tuesday 21 December 2010

Snowy Days on the Farm

The snowy days on the farm are merging into each other in their sameness. We start each day by filling the animals water troughs and drinkers with hot water, this mixed with the ice already in there gives them a warm drink to wash down their breakfasts. ~ The chickens hate to venture out for their breakfast and some refuse point blank. Staying resolutely in the houses while I clean them out, sitting on the perches chunnering to themselves about the unfairness of the conditions they are expected to live in. By mid afternoon they have usually all braved an expedition outside for food and water, and then they hang around in little groups, feathers fluffed up to trap any warmth they can muster ~ The snow lies deep, covering all manner of things in its beauty. The trees are spectacular at the moment and everything takes on an alien beauty. ~ The light on the horizon slowly filling the sky with the promise of a watery sun about to appear. ~ In the pig ark Lottie and her babies are safe, secure and warm, all four babies are thriving. They have stopped the constant shivering of their first day in this cold world, and now with tummies full of their Mums' milk they are filling out and sleeping contentedly. ~ And then after a second round of water thawing and feeding, the darkness falls rapidly from about 4pm onwards, and the animals tuck themselves up again, safe with each other from the frosty night ahead, cuddled deep into beds of straw, warm bodies filling their houses with a glow of warmth that will see them safely through another night. ~ Then it's time for us to retire indoors, peel off the many layers of clothes, warm our frozen fingers and toes, and settle down for an evening in front of the fire. Happy in the knowledge that we have done the best we can to get everyone through another snowy day here on the farm. ~ Sue xx


  1. Thats a full time job just keeping the water as a liquid, I only have one chook house and the bird bath to worry about and that takes long enough and a minimum of three times a day to re-thaw!
    Enjoy your cosy evening now all the layers have been peeled back to allow for free movement once more!
    take care
    Sarah x

  2. Henny has refused point blank to come out of the house- she's re-thinking this "freedom" thing and wondering if maybe the nice warm battery wasn't so bad after all!

    Martina ventured into the garden, got salt in her feet from the un-iced path and was hopping about until she had them bathed in the sink.

    The snow is breathtaking in its beauty isn't it, and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else but in the countryside, but hard to keep everything on an even keel especially with the shorter hours- your animals are so lucky to be so well tended.

    I love straw beds for animals, they look so wonderfully warm and snug.
    Bruce has shavings otherwise he simply spends all night eating his bed, but settling him on shavings never has quite that same satisfaction.

    Keep warm, xx

  3. Well done to you Sue and your hubby, an excellent job you two are doing .

    Merry Christmas and a very happy new year xox


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