Friday 17 December 2010

My 'new' man.....

My new man is temporarily clean shaven........
...extremely shocked at how cold his poor little chin is getting...
....upset that the dogs didn't even notice the difference...
...but happy to hear that I still love him lots, even though I do keep slapping his chubby little cheeks!!
Sue xx


  1. Well that is one way to get a 'new' man! Hope his chin doesn't get too cold! ;-)

  2. You tell your NEW man he looks like a kid again!

  3. hey gorgeous, well what a really "brave" thing to's almost like losing a security blanket, but I must say he looks fab-u-lous!!!! {and younger too! lol!} I bet he feels really wierd tho'....does he keep "playing" with his face and then realising there's nothing there? *chuckling*

    On another note: WHAT WAS IN THE HAMPER??? I was excited to see it in your post and made the comment to myself "wow! that's a big one!" .....please share all your scrumminess, on your blog that is....altho' feel free to send through the post if it all gets too much! haha! ;o)

    Have a fab Christmas and New Year....


    hello gorgeous xxx

  4. Not being a beard lover, I think your 'new' man looks gorgeous - at least 20 years younger. Well done him for having the guts to go for the big shave. You will obviously have to snuggle up more to his chin to keep him warm!! Ann x

  5. oh such a transformation and he looks so much younger...maybe I oughta do something about my top lip!!!

  6. Oh get him to keep it that way so nice ! What are you giving him eh ?

  7. He looks smashing, though after this cold snap I bet he's tempted to grow it back.

    What a lot of lovely nosh in that hamper.

    So Sue what is your prezzie to hubby lol.

    lynn xx

  8. Lovely! I love his ginger eye-brows!

  9. Thinks your "new man" better stay clean shaven .. He looks totally different ... !!

  10. WOW! Two good lookers for the price of one!
    Jane x

  11. Wow, I bet he feels cold now! Looks quite dashing without the keep it off! S x

  12. Wow, what a difference, its taken years off him. I think he should stay clean shaven.

  13. goodness he looks 10 years younger at least lol



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