Thursday 16 December 2010 must be Christmas!!

Every year the company Lovely Hubby works through, send us a little gift in appreciation of his hard work, a food hamper from Fortnum and Mason, I must say I'm always impressed.

This year he must have worked even harder than usual....we have the bigger version.....I'm very, very impressed.

We haven't unpacked it yet, it's sat beside the Christmas tree, we were going to last night but we both fell asleep on the sofa while watching the Edwardian Farm...zzzzz!!

Tonight we will investigate what goodies it contains, very appropriate as Lovely Hubby breaks up for his Christmas holidays today and we will be together on the farm for the next couple of weeks.

Sue xx


  1. exciting getting that giant parcel :0)
    Can't wait to see whats in it!

  2. What a super gift - you will have a lot of fun unpacking it!

  3. Blimey, I'm excited just by the wicker hamper, let alone what is inside of it!

  4. I'm with Claire. I'd be thrilled with just the empty hamper!!
    HURRY UP !!! We want to know what is inside.
    Jane x

  5. What a superb gift. I just love the hamper itself. What will you use it for after Christmas? Your hubby has obviously worked very hard this year and Santa has been watching! Hope you both have a super couple of weeks together on the farm and a wonderful festive season. Ann x

  6. It's so exciting isn't it ? - we received a hamper yesterday & I exclaimed " Christmas is saved ! "

  7. All very exciting , how lucky to receive this great gift !!

  8. How lovely!
    I love F&M.....keep looking on ebay to buy a hamper case like that, but they are always going for too much!

    Edwardian farm was good last night!

    Have a lovely time undoing the foodie goodness!x


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