Monday 27 December 2010

Musical pigs.......

Hello, says Pipsqueak........ ~
We have spent the last couple of days moving pigs. It truly has been like a giant game of musical pigs.
Now in their final resting places (for this month anyway), we have Lulu, Lottie and the Piglets in the orchard, all sharing one ark out of choice. (We had a sad event over Christmas, when all Lulus' piglets were born dead, so she has been helping to Mother Lotties babies to take her mind off it.)
Jack has his own batchelor pad in the Orchard, with Liz and Maud in individual pens next door awaiting their arrivals in the next couple of weeks. If our sums are right it should be Maud on the 6th Jan and Liz anytime after, but you know what our sums are like!! And lastly Monty and Martha living together in the large part of the orchard.
~ seriously think I want to live out there, when I currently live in a centrally heated bedroom!!

The chicks are now off their heat lamp permanently and learning to sleep in a big bundle of warmth during the dark hours of the night. I am in the process of clearing a space in the polytunnel so I can fit the Eglu in there. This should give them an extra degree of protection from this cold weather when they move outside in the next couple of weeks.

They are now getting very big and the boys are starting to play fight. Soon they will be looking for new homes. I have three girls and four boys (I think.....going off their combs and behaviour), the boys would make a brilliant addition to anyone who already has Bantams and would like to breed from them. Bantam cockerels are very protective of their ladies and make wonderful guards for your chickens, they also have no problem living with larger hens, although they do sometimes get a bit 'hen-pecked' due to their size. I hope I will be able to sell the three girls together if possible, they could go with one boy if someone wanted a ready made family as it is not the end of the world for a first family of brother and sisters in healthy Pekin Bantams.

They are now five weeks old and can go to suitable homes at eight or nine weeks, depending on the housing. So if anyone would like to have the prettiest, most productive pets possible get in touch at my email address above. This is a first opportunity for Blogging pals they will be advertised for sale locally in two weeks.

Now I'm off back to the polytunnel to make the space needed. Hope you all had a brilliant Christmas, I'll be back in a day or so with my Review of the Year.

Sue xx


  1. I cant believe how quickly they have grown! I love the little 'flared pants'!!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, best wishes for 2011 to you and yours

    BH x

  2. Sad news but that's life.
    Have a happy, healthy, prosperous 2011!

    Sandie xx

  3. Yes, your bantams are beautiful and I love their socks too. They are lucky being indoors at present. There is a big thaw here today and our 'girls' are now looking very bedraggled, whereas in all the dry frost and cold they looked beautiful and fluffed up. Who'd be a chicken! Happy New Year. Ann x

  4. Aha, how cute is Pipsqueek! Sad about Lulu's babies but glad she is helping out with her Auntie duties.
    Hope you are enjoying your festive 'break'!
    Sarah x

  5. Ah bless!!!!, Thats nature i guess, happy and sad all in one day sometimes...the other day i had to collect a piglet from the road where it had been hit as we need to keep track of numbers and its not nice to have dead piglets around the village obviously but it wasnt a nice job!
    Good luck with all the new babies in 2011..
    Much love, Kirsty and co xxx

  6. Such a shame about the piglets. The chicks are looking mighty fine!
    Jak x


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